What is an XML RSS News Feed?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication." Itís a format that web sites and blogs can use to send updated headlines to you via news aggregators or services like My Yahoo!. They gather the content you select from a variety of sources and display it for you in one convenient location. Syndication means you don't have to visit each site individually to see what's new, you simply scan headlines or brief article summaries and click to read the full text. Thatís the "really simple" part. And itís "really simple" for publishers to make their content accessible this way too.

How do I...

...add the Ozzyhead.com RSS News feed to my News Aggregator/News Reader?

Copy and paste the URL for my feed into your reader: http://www.ozzyhead.com/news.xml

...add the Ozzyhead.com RSS News feed to My Yahoo?

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...get notified of updates to this feed through e-mail?

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...display Ozzyhead.com RSS News on my website?

If you run a website, and would like to display my most current news on your site click here.

Where can I learn more about XML RSS News Feeds?

Check out the Yahoo RSS FAQ.