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Sharon Osbourne Spreads The Dirt In New Tell All Books (9/27/2005)

Sharon Osbourne now has two books about her life on the market.

The first one "Sharon Osbourne: Unauthorized, Uncensored - Understood" by Sue Crawford is now available in the United States.

Sharon reveals that husband Ozzy Osbourne secretly drugged her with hallucinogenic narcotics, among a number of other shocking claims.

Synopsis: In this book, we go behind the 'marketing-genius' headlines to reveal the extraordinary life of this remarkable woman. From her emotionally troubled childhood as the daughter of music svengali Don Arden, through the drink- and drug-fuelled years on the road with Ozzy, and her determination to make it as a female manager in a very male world, right up to her current incarnation as an award-winning TV star and 'supermom': every inch of her life is examined and celebrated in this innovative and ground-breaking biography. In Sharon we have found an icon for our times: not only a hugely-successful career woman in her own right, but a mother, a marketeer - and an inspiration to us all.

Purchase this book on - Click Here!

The second book entitled "Sharon Osbourne Extreme: My Autobiography" is currently only available in the U.K.

In this book, Sharon describes how she still blames her mother for making her have an abortion when she was younger, which ultimatley led to her not attending her funeral in 1998.

She claims that Ozzy cheated on her with the nanny the night son Jack was born: “Ozzy was loaded when he got to the hospital. Then he collapsed and went home. My assistant popped in to see if he was OK and found him in bed with the nanny. She wasn’t a beautiful blonde — she was an ugly old cow.” She also claims that Ozzy gave up cheating for good after a faulty Aids test came back positive. Sharon insisted he had the test in 1986 after he admitted bedding “some old tart he picked up at a bar”.

Synopsis: A devoted wife and mother, businesswoman, TV star and award-winning producer, Sharon Osbourne has, in her own words, 'lived fifty lives in fifty years'.

From her extraordinary childhood as the daughter of infamous rock manager Don Arden, to managing and marrying rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, to her own rising fame on shows such as The Osbournes and The X Factor, Sharon Osbourne has experienced tremendous highs and devastating lows. She has earned her reputation by overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles with her honesty, charm, sense of humour, great instincts, and keen eye for business. Now she will reveal the truth behind the headlines in her characteristically frank, intimate and articulate way. Her story will, undoubtedly, be the autobiography of the year.

Purchase this book on Amazon UK.

Source: / The Sun / Liz

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