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Tony Iommi "Fused" - My Album Review (7/5/2005)

I received my promotional copy of Tony Iommi's newest solo album "Fused" early last week. I must say I am very impressed. It's a great album. Glenn Hughes has a great voice, and he does this album justice. Of course, Tony is the guitar master. His riffs are hard, crunchy and Sabbath-like. Just gave the album a quick listen and here is my initial review:

Track 1. Dopamine - A slow moving tune, with hard pounding riffs and sharp lyrics. Good tune!

Track 2. Wasted Again - Wow, Glenn really works his pipes on this tune.

Track 3. Saviour Of The Real - A medium paced, heavy pounding tune with awesome lyrics and singing. Love it.

Track 4. Resolution Song - I-e-I, I-e-I-yeah.... reminds me so much of Sabbath with Ozzy. When will they ever get back together in the studio? This song is great, but would be so much better if the original Sabbath did it. Don't get me wrong, Glenn sounds great on it... but it just has Ozzy written all over.

Track 5. Grace - Love this tune. Heavy, creapy, scary sounding tune. Reminds me of the tune "Black Sabbath". Starts out slow and then rips in the end. My 2nd favorite tune on the album.

Track 6. Deep Inside A Shell - A slow, melodic but yet heavy at times with a great short Iommi solo in the middle.

Track 7. What You're Living For - Probably my favorite tune on the album. Heavy, Slow, Fast, and it just freakin' rocks!

Track 8. Face Your Fear - Slow, with Heavy riffs. Kind of has a Queensryche style of singing to it. Not a big fan of this song. Don't get me wrong, it's still good... but maybe not my "cup of tea". Hey, you can't please everyone all of the time.

Track 9. The Spell - Slow, with Heavy pounding riffs.

Track 10. I Go Insane - Love this song. Slow, with great guitar work. Glenn sounds pure. This song should be on the radio.

Complaints - Don't really have any, other than I wish this was a new Sabbath album! Come on guys, get it together already!

Bottom line is GO BUY THIS ALBUM. It's worth the money, and you won't be disapointed. It's in-stores on July 12th. You can pre-order it now through by clicking here.

Also, don't forget to enter my contest for a chance to win a free copy. Just shoot an e-mail to with your name and address. Two lucky winners will be picked at random on July 19th.


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