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Sharon Osbourne Angry At Boston Herald Newspaper (7/20/2005)

Hell hath no fury like Sharon Osbourne scorned. Word is the wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne has Boston Herald editorial director Ken Chandler in her crosshairs after the tawdry tab once again ignored her ban on photos of the shaky singer performing at Ozzfest. (Viewers of MTV's ''The Osbournes" know Ozzy suffers from debilitating and potentially embarrassing body tremors.) After the Herald published a picture last year, Sharon was furious and called Chandler to complain. (He hung up on her, we're told.) Ozzfest publicist Shazila Mohammed said the Herald wasn't given photo access this year but still sneaked a shot of Ozzy into its Saturday paper. Chandler is on vacation, but managing editor Kevin Convey said yesterday, ''No one is going to tell us what pictures we're going to put in the paper." Clear Channel, he said, has pulled the paper's remaining Tweeter Center summer review tickets.


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