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Jack Osbourne Is A Knockout, Kelly's Seeing Pink (4/28/2005)

Bangkok - Jack Osbourne has won his first kickboxing bout and says he can dream about becoming a world champion.

Osbourne, 19, knocked out his opponent, a veteran muay Thai professional nicknamed 'The Man', eight seconds into the second round at Pattaya Stadium on Wednesday night, the Nation newspaper reported.

Osbourne's parents, former Black Sabbath lead singer Ozzy and former talkshow host Sharon, watched nervously from outside the ring.

"At first, mom and dad were a little concerned," Jack said.

"But once they came here and saw the training programs - and saw for themselves that I was mentally and physically well prepared - they were very cool about it all."

The Briton has been training the past three weeks at the elite Fairtex muay Thai fitness camp in Bang Plee Yai.

"He has strength in his punches," Fairtex chairman and manager of several Muay Thai world champions Philip Wong was quoted as saying.

"He also has a fighter's heart."

Osbourne said he enjoys rock climbing and other sports that test his limits.

"But yeah, I have to say that muay Thai is something special," he was quoted as saying.

"It's really demanding and it's becoming popular all around the world.

"I can dream of being the WBC muay Thai champion of the world."

Meanwhile, Kelly Osbourne has recently picked up slack for using hair dye to color her dog "Piglet" pink.

The People For the Ethical Treatment Of Animals (Peta) say Kelly was irresponsible to color young Piglet's fur with strong chemicals.

PETA say the dye could be a threat to Piglet's health, and Kelly should treat him like a pet, not a fashion item.

Source: News24 / CBBC

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