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The "Prince Of Darkness" Review (3/16/2005)

I was very happy to come home today to see a beautiful package sitting on my front door
step. Inside it was my advance promo copy of Ozzy's new box set: Prince Of Darkness.
Here's my review (hope you've got a few minutes... this is gonna be a long one!):

I'll start out by reviewing the songs. I won't make any attempt to review the songs
which everyone has already heard before...but I will critique the ones which most
people will be hearing for the first time.

Disc 1

Track 1 - I Don't Know (Live): Taken From "Tribute".

Track 2 - Mr. Crowely: Taken from "Blizzard Of Ozz".

Track 3 - Crazy Train: Taken from "Blizzard Of Ozz".

Track 4 - Goodbye To Romance (Live): Taken From "Tribute".

Track 5 - Suicide Solution (Live): Taken From "Tribute".

Track 6 - Over The Mountain: Taken from "Diary Of A Madman".

Track 7 - Flying High Again (Live): From "Tribute".

Track 8 - You Can't Kill Rock And Roll: Taken from "Diary Of A Madman".

Track 9 - Diary Of A Madman: Taken from "Diary Of A Madman".

Track 10 - Bark At The Moon (Live): Originally released as a B-side to the UK "So Tired" single.

Track 11 - Spiders: Taken from the European version of "Bark At The Moon".

Track 12 - Rock 'N' Roll Rebel: Taken from "Bark At The Moon".

Track 13 - You're No Different: Taken from "Bark At The Moon".

Disc 2

Track 1 - Ultimate Sin (Live): Taken from the "Ultimate Ozzy" video released in 1986, recorded in Kansas.

Track 2 - Never Know Why (Live): Taken from the "Ultimate Ozzy" video released in 1986, recorded in Kansas.

Track 3 - Thank God For The Bomb (Live): Taken from the "Ultimate Ozzy" video released in 1986, recorded in Kansas.

Track 4 - Crazy Babies: Taken from "No Rest For The Wicked".

Track 5 - Breakin' All The Rules: Taken from "No Rest For The Wicked".

Track 6 - I Don't Want To Change The World (Demo): Pretty close to the version released on "No More Tears"... the untrained ear may not even notice the difference! This was originally released in 1992 on the very rare "No More Tears Demo Sessions" album.

Track 7 - Mama, I'm Coming Home (Demo): Ozzy voice is raw and untouched by studio hands in this demo version. This was originally released in 1992 on the very rare "No More Tears Demo Sessions" album.

Track 8 - Desire (Demo): Not very different from the version released on "No More Tears". This was originally released in 1992 on the very rare "No More Tears Demo Sessions" album.

Track 9 - No More Tears: Taken from "No More Tears".

Track 10 - Won't Be Coming Home (Demo): This is the original version of "S.I.N" off of the "No More Tears" album. The chorus features different lyrics. Ozzy says "I must have been stoned because I don't remember recording this one." This was originally released in 1992 on the very rare "No More Tears Demo Sessions" album.

Track 11 - Perry Mason (Live): Taken from an Ozzfest sampler cd.

Track 12 - See you On The Other Side (Demo): Hark, do I hear horns? Can it be? An Ozzy song with horns? Is that Kenny G in the background? Very cool man! Ozzy's voice sounds like he's on a wobbly merry-go-round. This is a very cool mix. Ozzy says he "much prefers this verison".

Track 13 - Walk On Water (Demo): This was the first song listened to upon receiving this box set. I've been waiting to hear this version since I first heard the 20 second sample of it in the Beavis and Butthead Do America movie. What they released on the soundtrack was a far cry from what they played in the movie. I must say, I think I like the original version better, although I can now understand the lyrics a little bit better.

Track 14 - Gets Me Through (Live): Taken from "Live At The Budokan"

Track 15 - Bang Bang (You're Dead): Holy crap! If you're on the fence about buying this box set... please listen to me.... GET IT JUST FOR THIS SONG ALONE! "Facing Hell" is one of the heaviest songs Ozzy has ever made in his solo career. This is the original song which should have appeared on "Down To Earth" but the record company "freaked" according to Ozzy. Totally different lyrics.... All I have to say is WOW! AWESOME!

Track 16 - Dreamer: Ozzy's version of John Lennon's "Imagine". A wonderful song in my opinion, but if it were up to me, I would have left this tune off and left room for more demos!

Disc 3

Track 1 - Iron Man: Ozzy with Therapy? Originally appeared on the Nativity In Black tribute album (why would Ozzy appear on his own tribute album?). It's an "OK" tune. To tell you the truth... I'm not a big fan of any "Iron Man" anymore.

Track 2 - N.I.B.: Ozzy and Primus did this cover for the Nativity In Black II tribute album... again... why Ozzy appear on his tribute album is beyond me... (but that's just me), check out the bass licks on this bad boy!

Track 3 - Purple Haze: This has always been one of my favorite rarities. In my opinion, Ozzy does a better job on this track then Hendrix could ever do!

Track 4 - Pictures Of Matchstick Men: Ozzy recorded this cover song with Type O Negative for Howard Stern's Private Parts Movie soundtrack. Awesome Tune.

Track 5 - Shake Your Head (Let's Go To Bed): There are actually 3 versions of this song out there. The version which appears here is the first original one from 1982. This song was recorded with "Was Not Was" and actually features Madonna as a back up singer! The track was later remixed in the early 90's with Kim Basinger.

Track 6 - Born To Be Wild: Ozzy originally hated the idea of doing this song, but finally agreed because his kids thought it was "cool". I crack up every time I hear this song. Maybe I have a dirty mind, but the noises Miss Piggy makes, you would think she's having sex with Ozzy! Check it out!

Track 7 - Nowhere To Run (Vapor Trail): This song was made for the South Park cartoon soundtrack. Unfortunatley, they put the edited version on the box set. No curse words!

Track 8 - Psycho Man: Black Sabbath. Enough said. Awesome song recorded for the "Reunion" album.

Track 9 - For Heaven's Sake 2000: Ozzy says "I'm not even sure I know who the fuck Wu Tang 3 Clan are, however, Tony Iommi and I were asked to join them on this song. It's actually one of two tracks I collaborated with the late great Ol Dirty Bastard... God Bless Him!" Unfortunatley they put the edited version of this song on the box set as well. Go figure!

Track 10 - I Ain't No Nice Guy: Ozzy's duet with Lemmy from Motorhead. This is a nice slow tune... I've never been a real fan of Lemmy. In fact, every time I see a picture of the guy, I have to cringe a little bit. He kind of looks like he has a cocoa puff glued to his cheek. It's still a great tune worth checking out. There was a video made for this song, which Ozzy appeared in. Check it out if you can find it.

Track 11 - Therapy: This track features Ozzy with Infectious Grooves. This was a band in the early 90's which was kind of a side project for the boys in Suicidal Tendincies. Ozzy was also featured in a video for this song. If you've ever seen the video, you'll notice that Ozzy is sitting through the entire song, this was because of an injury he got from a crazed who jumped up on stage and "bear hugged" him from behind.

Track 12 - Stayin' Alive: I was very happy to hear a brand new remix of this song. I think I like this new remix better then the original! Turn it up loud and get out your disco ball! I was lucky enough to get the original verison of this tune from a friend of Dweezil Zappa's drummer. He told me he stole it from him when he wasn't looking... I traded it with a few people, and suddenly everyone in the underground world had it! You people out there who have the orginal will be very refreshed to hear this brand new version remixed by Dweezil.

Track 13 - Dog, The Bounty Hunter (Theme Song): This is a longer version (by 20 seconds) then what was released on the internet last year. Still short, but very sweet. Ozzy says he met "Dog" while vacationing in Hawaii last year, where he asked him to write a theme song for his TV show.

Disc 4

Track 1 - 21st Century Schizoid Man: I've never heard the original before, nor have I ever heard a song by King Crimson. Great tune though!

Track 2 - Mississippi Queen: Most of you Ozzy fans out there have already heard this tune on the radio. I didn't like it too much at first, but it's growing on me. West does some killer guitar work in this tune, and it's worth checkin' out if you haven't already!

Track 3 - All The Young Dudes: A good track. It was originally written by David Bowie. In the book, Ozzy says "After we recorded the track, it was apparent that I needed to get former "Mott The Hopple" singer, Ian Hunter, to sing on the choruses". I'm going to have to disagree with ya there Ozzy. I think this track would have been even better with :::YOU::: screaming in the background.

Track 4 - In My Life: This Beatles cover gives me chills. It's absolutley raw Ozzy. I've always been a huge Beatles fan (just like Ozzy is!) This track is excellent. Note to Ozzy: Please do an entire album of Beatles covers!

Track 5 - Fire: Wow! This song rocks! Originally written by Arthur Brown... I have never heard of him, nor I have I ever heard the original version... but now I am inclined to go find it. I had to put this one on repeat a few times...

Track 6 - For What It's Worth: I've never heard the original song, but I used to have a bootleg of Led Zeppelin covering this tune... and I always liked it. Ozzy does a fine job, although this is probably my least favorite song on disc 4.

Track 7 - Sympathy For The Devil: This has to be my favorite cover on disc 4. It's loud and heavy, and you can just tell Ozzy had a great time belting this one out. I love it! Woooooo! Ha Ha Ha!

Track 8 - Working Class Hero: I've never heard John Lennon's version of this tune. It's a very dreary song. Just a simple accoustic guitar riff, with no drums or bass. Not my favorite song on this disc, but descent none-the-less. Ozzy says it's the first song he's ever heard the F-bomb in.

Track 9 - Good Times: What a fun song this is. Fits Ozzy perfectly. I've never heard the original, so I have nothing to compare it to... but I always said Ozzy could sing "Jingle Bells" and it would sound awesome.

Track 10 - Changes (With Kelly Osbourne): I was kind of confused as to why they stuck this song on this cd. Yes, it's a cover, but it's not new. Wondering when and where "Hi Ho Silver Lining" (JEFF BECK GROUP) will be released.


The package comes wrapped in cellophane (of course). The cd case is seperate from the
enclosed booklet (as opposed to being glued in, as was the case in the Japan "Bible Of
Ozz"). There is a J card which lists the track listings for each disc and is visible
through the back of the cellophane. The box (which is really more of a book) opens up
to reveal 4 cd's and a 59 page book of pictures, lyrics, and Ozzy's personal thoughts
on each of the songs. You also get a coupon good for one free ticket to Ozzfest 2005
with the purchase of any Ozzfest 2005 ticket. The offer is only good on general
admission seats.

I was a little disappointed with the lyrics in the book as they don't list them for
every song. I never understand why they do that... but that's what my website is for
I guess! Click here if you need them! I also noticed that the lyrics for
"Won't Be Comin' Home" were incorrect. It seems they copied the lyrics from "No More
Tears" but didn't realize that the demo has completly different lyrics.

I was also a little disappointed with the pictures inside as there are absolutley none
that I have not already seen before. Of course, that's me now... don't get discouraged!
The average Ozzy fan will absolutley love how the book is laid out, and will probably
find tons of new pics (I think I've seen them all at this point). Ozzy gives personal
insight on every single song, and most are very funny.

So what's wrong with the box set in my eyes? Not much! I would have liked a better
"box" to house all of this stuff. If you have the Black Sabbath "Black Box" you know
what I mean. You can put your J-Card in there, your book, and nothing will get ruined.
There is nothing to stop everthing from falling out of this "box". I also would have
liked to see more demos, and unreleased stuff on here, but hey, beggars can't be choosers
right? There's alot of new music on here and you should all be happy! The price is
awesome too! It's worth every penny.

Side Notes

The discs are not entitled like they originally were going to be. The
only one that has a title is the 4th one known as "Under Covers" and it's only listed
that way in the book, not on the cd itself. Disc 3 was to be entitled "Oddities and
Duets", but that is not listed anywhere. There is just a simple "1", "2", "3" and "4" on
each cd.

There are no hidden files on any of the cd's. (Video, Screensavers, etc...)

Ozzy thanks his "beautiful grandchildren: Isabelle and Harry" at the end of the book.
This was news to me... I knew Ozzy had one grandchild, but not two!

Wrap Up

All in all, I have no true disapointments with "Prince Of Darkness...", do yourself
a favor and go buy this box set right now from!

(Special Thanks To Tim At Sony Music!)


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