My Review Of "Ozzfest 2002" - PNC Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ
July 20, 2002

My girlfriend Roselyn and I got to the PNC Arts Center around 5:00pm,
picked up our tickets (Row S, 19th row, center) and guest passes at the
will-call window (thank you so much Mike @ Divine Recordings!), and
headed over to the main stage to watch Zakk Wyldes Black Label Society.
I was so glad to finally see these guys since I missed out
on my last few chances. They were great. Rob Trujillo was on bass...
is he part of the band now? Very tight set. Zakk is just an animal.
What happened to that skinny little Zakk from the early
90's? The guy is a monster now! Roselyn and I decided to
skip the next 2 bands, Adema and Drowning Pool. Got a
pretzel and a soda for $8 and walked around checking out
the different booths. We headed back to catch P.O.D.
around 6:45. These guys sound exactly like their studio
stuff. There's almost no telling that they're actually
playing live, which is a good thing I guess. I liked them,
but there seemed to be an over abundance of young screaming
teenagers which seemed to kill the whole Ozzfest vibe. Kind of
felt like an N-Sync concert. Rob Zombie was up next. This guy was in a real
bad mood. Told the crowd that he had been drinking in the sun all day.
He went off on this guy up front for sitting through his first song
eating a pretzel which was very funny. "I could see ya sitting down if
you had some Nacho's and hot cheese, but you got a pretzel man, you can
stand with a pretzel!" Then he had the crowd shout "F*** you pretzel boy".
Felt sorry for that guy, but it was hillarious. Towards the end of his
set, he asked all the ladies in the crowd to come up on stage and dance.
So, of course, all of these girls who think they can dance get up there
and make a complete fool of themselves. Zombie said stuff like "who's
mom is that?" and "get these f*****g whores off my stage" - nice guy!
Next up was System of a Down. Love these guys. Crazy, heavy, raw power.
They sounded awesome. Had the entire place on their feet. We went for
another walk before their set ended. Got a slice of pizza and picked up
some more stuff for my collection. Got a tour book. Actually, in a way,
I got 2 tour books. This year they offered a cd-rom version of the tour
book and a normal tour book - so I got both. I also picked up a big foam
finger, like the ones you see at hockey games, only this one is Ozzy
style with the middle finger up in the air. Around 9:45, they started
playing some advertisements for The Osbournes - Season 2 so we headed
back to our seats. They showed the same opening movie as they did for
the Merry Mayhem tour with Ozz as Mrs. Cleo. After the opening movie,
Carmina Burana's "O Fortuna" blasted over the loud speakers and Ozzy
came running out. He had good energy - did a lot of leap frogs, voice
sounded great for the first half of his set, but cracked a lot during
the second half. He spoke a few times about Sharon's cancer. Said this
was the first tour he's done in years where she didn't come with him.
He was very distraught over this (understandably). He said that we were
the only thing getting him through this hard time. I felt bad for him.
Other than that, it was pure Ozzy, throwing buckets of water, shooting
his water guns, etc... Good performance. We had a great time.

Set list

I Don't Know
War Pigs (Ozz dropped the microphone)
That I Never Had
Mr. Crowley
Gets Me Through
Suicide Solution
Zakk Wylde guitar solo
No More Tears
Iron Man
I Don't Want To Change The World
Road to Nowhere
Crazy Train


Mama, I'm coming home
Bark at the moon