My Review Of Ozzfest - PNC Bank Center, Holmdel, NJ - August 11th, 2001

It was a rainy, foggy, overcast, SUCKY day for an outdoor concert event. I wasn't interested in seeing
any of the bands on the second stage this year so I decided to sleep my morning away and leave for
Ozzfest around 1:00pm. My friend Scott drove to my house, we hopped in my truck and took the
90-minute drive down 287 to the PNC Bank Center in Holmdel, NJ.

So after parking, we go over to the will call window to pick up my tickets. This year, I was promised
2 tickets and 2 v.i.p. passes, by a guy named Eddie, who I know through Divine Recordings. So I
tell the guy at the will call booth "Van Beekum". His response was "sorry, nothing under that name."
"Ok, how about Mitch Van Beekum", I said." "Sorry, nothing under that name", he replied.
"WHAT!!! How about Beekum?" "Sorry.... nothing." I had the guy call back stage and no one was
answering so the guy told me to come back in a little while. I was starting to wonder if we would get
into the show at all.

We took a walk over by the second stage where Drowning Pool was playing. I spotted Jack Osbourne
through the fence and called him over. I told him who I was, he remembered me and said he would
pass the info along to Eddie the next time he saw him. He was very cool about the whole thing, but
I wondered if he would really remember... the kid has a lot going on there... hanging out with everyone
under the sun (or should we say clouds)... so I figured I better tell someone else just to make sure.
We spotted a rather large man, with a shirt that said "Dickhead" walking around with a bunch of
passes and a walkie-talkie so I called him over to the fence. "Sure! I know Eddie!" said Dickhead.
He calls him right up on the radio and PRESTO, my tickets were waiting for me in the box office.
Dickhead to the rescue!

Back over to the will call window, I pick up my
envelope, open it up and check out what kind of seats
I have. The tickets say section 102, row A, seat 104 & 106.
So I'm like "Wow, these seem like really
good seats." We slap our v.i.p. stickers on our shirts
and walk around to a back entrance. (I didn't
want to get padded down at the front gate because we
both had cameras.) So as soon as we get in,
we walk over to the main stage to check out our seats and
to my surprise, we have


I couldn't believe my eyes. (Eddie, if you're reading this,
I think I owe you my right arm, or an
eyeball or something... you let me know!)

----- UPDATE! -----
Eddie has requested an eyeball.

So after the initial shock of these "gold" tickets wore off, we walked around to see where our passes
could get us. We tried the same spot I hung out last year first, which is to the right of the main stage.
Big padlock on the gate there so that was a no go. We walked down to another entrance... guard
there says "sorry, can't get in here, try the other side." So we walk over to the left of the main stage
and try to get in over there. "Sorry, you need to be accompanied by someone with a laminate to get
in here,” said the guard. Wow, tight security this year man! Last year a v.i.p. pass would get you
lunch and soda, and you could hang out all day backstage, I couldn't believe it! So we walked over
to the second stage where Mudvayne was finishing up. We got backstage there, hung out for a
little bit, talked to some people and then we went back over by the main stage. We hung out by the
entrance to the back stage area for maybe an hour hoping to spot Eddie. We were supposed to hook
up and hang out for a little bit. Now, I've seen Eddie only on the O'tv movies so I knew he was a
skinny guy with black hair and he would be roaming around Ozzfest with a camera. Ok, shouldn't be
too hard to find. (Yeah Right!) I swear, I asked like 20 guys with short black hair and cameras if they
were or knew who Eddie was. "No, I'm not Eddie, but I know who he is... don't know where he is
though" was the response I got from everyone.

So by this time we had missed Black Label Society (which I am very pissed about) and Crazy Train
on the main stage by wasting our time trying to finagle our way back stage. So we made our way
down to our seats to check out Disturbed. I'm not a big fan of these guys, and I really can't see why
they have become so big... maybe I'm just getting old.... who knows, but they played a good set and
the audience seemed to dig them.

Next up was Linkin Park. I love these guys. Their album totally rocks and if you don't have it now...
you should really go buy it. Both vocalists Mike and Delson came over by us numerous times to shake
our hands.... it was very cool. They sounds just as good live as their studio album sounds.... and
the chicks totally dig them. Wow...lots of swooning going on.

By this time this retched disgusting thing that somewhat resembled a woman had some how made
her way to the front row to stand next to me. I don't think she'd had a bath for a good 2 weeks.
Her hair smelled like a wet basement and every time she was head banging all that nasty hair
kept hitting my arm. I think I actually heard a couple of lice fly by me saying something like "woo
hoo, I'm free!" She kept taking out her lighter and putting the flame under her tongue. What a
piece of work. I have a nice picture of her licking her boob...I'll post it in my picture section for all to see.

Papa Roach took the stage next. This guy stole the show. He's a total whack. He is out of his mind.
Totally. He had a corded microphone that he would swing around and almost take everyone’s head
off with. I had to duck a few times. He went up to some kid next to me, wrapped the cord around his
neck a few times and started choking him. All I could think was "Lawsuit". Holy crap, and the look in
this guys eyes were that of a total maniac. Towards the end of his set, he encourages the people in
the lawn area to rip up the muddy grass and throw it down on stage. Great.... just what a person in the
front row wants to hear! I remember thinking "Oh crap." I turn around and I see an ocean of muddy
grass slowly making it's way towards me.... and now that I think about it, it did look pretty cool (and
I'm sure Papa Roach was quite proud). So about 3 minutes later I started getting hit. Not cool. Not
cool in the least bit way. I took a nice hit to my right ear, numerous hits to my back, and a pretty
good-sized rock right to the cranium. Ouch. It was friggin' Woodstock 99 all over again.
Papa Roach's set ends, but the mud slinging doesn't. A few guys came out from back stage with
PNC Arts Center shirts on and started yelling at him. They weren't happy. A few minutes later that
dude that sticks the drill bits up his nose came out and told everybody to chill otherwise no one is
going to play. Then he took out a staple gun and tacked a friggin’ t-shirt to his bare chest. What a tool!

Next up was Slipknot. What a show these guys put on. Really great stuff. A little morbid, but funny
in the same way. One of the drummers kept coming over to my friend Scott and just staring him
down. He would look at him and just let all of this drool come out of his mask. Scott was a little
freaked out by him. I was laughing. I don't know where they get so much energy to perform in those
hot masks. They must be boiling. Ya’ know that guy with the 12 inch nose? Well, the guy that kept
staring at my friend stuck that nose in his mouth and gave him some oral pleasure... for a good two
minutes. Then towards the end of their set that guy comes back over by my friend, sticks a
microphone between his legs, and starts whacking it off. That dude's got some issues!

Up next was Manson. Love Manson. I don't believe in all that devil crap he pretends to preach,
but he puts on one good show. I got some real good pics of him (check out the picture section
of my website if you want to see them). There's a real good picture of him pretending to whack
his meat all over a security guards head. He finished up by spitting in his hair. Pretty funny! He
had a lot of stage props to play with. For one song he came out on these big iron stilts, for
another song he strapped himself into this black... I don't even know how to describe it....
black dress??? This thing rose up into the air, it was like he was 30 feet tall. Very cool looking.
I got cool pics of all of this stuff. Manson even came over by us and stuck the microphones in
our faces to sing... it was very cool.

Now the moment of truth arrived. Black Sabbath. All four members back together. Front row,
dead center. Could it have gotten any better? Now, I'm going to try and put the songs in order
that they'd played but I don't know if I'm going to get it right. First two songs were N.I.B. and
Snowblind. During these songs Ozzy had his water guns out and soaked the crap out of
everyone in the first few rows. Especially the chicks with the white shirts. He seemed to take
great pleasure in doing so. (Then again, what normal guy wouldn't???) Next up was the new
Sabbath song "Scary Dreams". I can't wait to hear the studio version of this song. It's really
gonna rock. They've totally gone back to the early 70's with this song. It's slow, it's doomy,
it's bluesy, (is that a word?) and it's got good crunch to it. Next two songs up were War Pigs
and Into the Void... always a crowd pleaser. Next up was a song I thought I would never, ever
see live... The Wizard!!!! Ozzy comes out with his harmonica and I just started snapping pics.
It was a very cool moment. It's one of my favorite Sab songs. Somewhere around these songs
Ozzy came over by the security guard sitting right in front of me... he put's his finger up to his
mouth to tell us "shhhhh".... he pulls the poncho hat off of the security guard and dumps a
bucket of cold water all over his head. It was hilarious. The look on this guys face was priceless....
and I know it was freezing cold because I got hit with the other half of that bucket. Wow! Iron
Man and Black Sabbath were up next. For Black Sabbath the big Black Sabbath cross hanging
behind Bill Ward went up in flames.... and there were numerous torches around the stage set
a blaze. The heat felt really good after that ice water. Paranoid finished up the set.... 2 guys
tried to jump on stage but security caught them. This one dude took down a cameraman and
a tripod and a bunch of security guards... wild! For an encore, Sabbath came back out to do
Children of the Grave. It all ended with a huge fireworks show and black feathers flying all
over the place.

Scott said that I looked like I was in a trance while I was watching the show. He said he tried
to get my attention a few times but he was unsuccessful. I don't know what he was talking
about... I was just banging my head and singing along having a great ol' time!

Ozzy's voice sounded great. Seeing Iommi play that close is really sick. The guy really knows
his stuff. I don't know how he plays a friggin’ note with those rubber fingertips he has. Geezer
banged his head through every song and bill pounded those skins like he was a 20 year old.
Everyone was in top notch.

- Mitch Van Beekum

(Eddie - eyeball is in the mail. Enjoy!)

Click this picture to enlarge - It's a picture I took off of
VH-1's Ozzy Fan Club episode with me in the front row at this concert.

=================== Now check out the pics I took ===================

Ozzy's Bus

Linkin Park

Linkin Park



Marilyn Manson under burnt flag

Marilyn Manson playing with fire


Marilyn, keyboard dude in rear

Marily above security guard

Marilyn stepping off of podium

Marilyn on stilts

Marilyn in that 30 foot black dress or whatever it is...

Marilyn whacks his bag on a security guards head

Do you love your guns?

Ozzy - side view

Tony - side view

Full stage shot - all members in view

Tony in action

Another nice full stage shot

Ozzy playing the harmonica

Sabbath cross behind Bill on fire

Cool action shot of Ozzy throwing bucket of water

Tony up close

Ozzy adjust's his pants

Ozzy and Geezer


All 4 say goodbye

Another goodbye shot

Cool fireworks, all 4 bowing

Bill doesn't look to healthy in this one