My Review Of Ozzfest June 10th, 1999 (6/11/99)

This is very long but well worth the read!

I'll just go through the little bands real quick and give
you some of my thoughts on them, and then get straight to the
good stuff!

Drain (STH) - Pretty heavy, didn't think they were too bad,
didn't think they were that great. Thought most songs sounded
just like the other ones.

Push Monkey - Impressed me. Kind of different with the trumpet
in the one song, but I thought they were pretty good.

Flashpoint - Heavy, but I didn't like them. Boring.

Apartment 26 - Horrible. I thought they sucked.

Hed (pe) - Just O.k.

System of a Down - Good. I have their album, but I am tottally
sick of listening to it. They have some really good riffs, but
the guys voice just get's on my nerves.

Slipknot - Oh my God! These guys were fantastic! Awesome show,
awesome music. Off the wall man! Like 8 members all dressed in
these orange uniforms with clown make up and devilish desguises!
Check them out and buy their album!

Godsmack - They were O.K., kind of drawn out.

Puya - or should I say P U? They suck. Don't waste your time.

Primus - Didn't even bother to check out. I hate them.

Static X - Sick. Buy their album. Great show. Great mosh pit. I
saw alot of bloody people come out of it. I even saw this old lady
go body surfing! She had to be like 50. She went down and I later
saw her sitting to the side holding her back! That was funny.

Slayer - missed them.

Deftones - missed them on purpose!

For the rest of the bands, read below!!!

Around 6:00pm I met my buddy Sullivan. (This is the guy who got
on the Howard Stern show to meet Ozzy a while back and started
shaking and crying.) He has some good connections with Concrete
Management (Fear Factory) and got two Guest Passes, one of which
he gave to me. (And now I owe my entire bootleg collection to him!)
Any way, we go over to the 2nd stage where Fear Factory is playing,
and get back stage. Sullivan meets one of his buddies back there
and gets both of us on stage with Fear Factory. That was totally
sick. There was only 10 people standing up there. I was 3 feet away
from Raymond Herrera's drum kit. So I caught the last four songs
of their set on stage and as soon as they got off, Sullivan snapped
pictures of me with my arm around Burton C. Bell (vocals) and Dino
Cazares (guitar). Next to Ozzy, Fear Factory is my favorite band
so this was like a dream come true! But wait....it gets better!!!

So now it's about 7:00pm and we
head over to the back of the
main stage. Slayer's stuff was all
over the place (drums, amps) and
they were packing it all up onto
so me and Sullivan decided to
just hang out on some stairs and
see who we could see. Now, I'm not
into Slayer like I used to be so
I can't remember the names, but I
know I saw the guitarist with the
long blonde hair (King?) and the
other dude thats bald and he's
got that big ass tribal tattoo on
his one arm. We didn't approach
those guys because we didn't care to much for them. So we're
sitting there a little while and this girl walks out and I
said to Sullivan "Doesn't that look like Aimee Osbourne?" and
we both couldn't decide, but I kept saying "It's gotta be her!"
So she started walking away and Sullivan ran over and said Hi
to her, but by the time I got over there she had
walked away already. It was her. She seemed pissed off about
something. We saw her a few times after that with some guy on a
bicycle with an Apartment 26 T-shirt. Possible Boy friend?
So went back over to the stairs to wait a little longer,
and who should walk over but Bill Ward!!!! I was freakin! He saw
me and Sullivan sitting on the stairs so Sullivan held his camera
up in the air at him and he shook his head yes and waved us down
by him. What a cool guy he his. We both got pics of him with our
arms around him. He hung out a long time back there, just talking
to people on his walkie talkie and stuff. That was really nice of

Ok, so I am totally freaking out now. I'm seeing all kinds of people
back there. Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory walks by with his girl
friend, Slipnot is back there getting band pictures taken, some guys
from Static-X are riding motor scooters around....things are going
great. Out walks Tony Dennis (Ozzy's main man) and me and Sullivan
get into conversation with him. We got pics with him too. We were
trying to get some better passes but he told us it wasn't possible.
He did say he could get us some Ozzy autographs but he never did!
Anyway, here's a little news straight from his mouth - The Hawaii
gig for Dec 31st, 1999 is not yet confirmed. They can't book a hotel
for the band. All reservations have been taken! So, I start telling
Tony about my Ozzy page and he told me that he's never been to it
before, but he just bought a computer this week, so he will visit.
Then behind me, Jack Osbourne (Ozzy's son) rolls up on a scooter and
Tony goes "...but maybe this guy has been to it!" so Jack said he has.
How cool is that? Little Jack visits my page! Right on buddy! I didn't
get a pic with Jack but I would have loved too. So those guys leave
and out walks Tony Iommi with his girl. Sullivan goes "Hey Tony, Can
we get some pics?" and Tony says "Yes, I'll be back in a minute" and
walks over to his bus. This is when we're told by security to clear
the area. So we're walking out and we see this tent with all Black
Sabbath boxes full of clothes and jewlery and there is Bill Ward
again getting some pictures taken. We saw Tony come back for us but
were to far ahead to meet up with him. (Damn!) So after hanging out
by the dressing room and Ozzy's bus for about 10 minutes, we totally
got kicked out and were told "I better not catch you guys back here

(Click on a pic to enlarge it!)

So Zombie is up on stage now. Now we only have guest passes which are
just these stickers that go on your shirt, but Sullivan wore a necklace
with like 6 different old lamintated passes on it. He simply flashes
the old passes at security and we walk all the way down to 1st row.
Unbelievable man! We are standing right in front of Rob Zombie and I
am totally freaking out. I spotted Ozzy sitting right off stage
watching the Zombie show and for one of Zombies songs, Ozzy's son
Jack comes dancing on stage dressed up as Darth Mole from Star Wars.
Very cool! After a few songs we got kicked out and I was
about to pass out from not eating or drinking all day so I went to get
some grub. Unfortunately this is when me and Sullivan got seperated.

So Sabbath came on and I tried to get up front by myself with my guest
pass but it wasn't working. I would later find out that Sullivan got
first row for about 7 songs before getting the boot! Damn't, should
have stuck with him! Next time, I'm gonna wear some old passes! I did
get further up then where I was originally sitting. In fact at one
point I was standing in front of the mixing board with Burton C. Bell!
How Cool? All in all...it was one awesome night!

Ozzy told us that some one got on stage the other night and picked him
up from behind and broke 2 of his ribs. He said he went to the doctor
and the he told him he has to take it easy for a while, and that his
response to the doctor was "F*** You! I didn't catch him doing any
leap frogs but his voice was in top form for Ozzy. I was pretty well
out of it so I really can't give to good of a review for Sabbath. My
face is totally sun burnt, I didn't have any food in me, and I was
feeling totally sick.

The setlist was the same as the reunion tour for a few exceptions.
When they came out for the encore they started playing Supernaut and
then went into Paranoid. Very nice. Also, Tony did an awesome solo. I
know I've heard it before. Does anyone know where this solo came from?
I also thought it was funny when Ozzy was introducing the band. He
goes "Mr. Geezer Butler on bass", "Mr. Bill Ward on drums", "I said
Mr. Bill Ward on drums!", "Mr. Bill Ward!", "Mr. Bill Ward!", "Bill
Ward!", "Bill Ward!" He did that like 10 times. Bill kept standing
up and sitting back down...it was funny! So it all ended with alot
of fireworks and confetti just like the shows in January.

What a day! Much thanks to Sullivan!

- Mitch