To start my story off.... the plans were to go to this years Ozzfest
with Sullivan, a friend with whom I had gone to last
years Ozzfest with. Sullivan (if you already don't know by now) is a
huge fan of Ozzy. He owns more Ozzy memorabilia then I do. Such items
include an Italian suit once worn by the man himself and tons of RIAA
gold record awards. Anyway, to make a long story short, Sullivan was
getting hooked up with guest passes (again) and he generously asked me
to go along with him. Well, it turns out, at the last moment, I get an
e-mail from Sharon Osbourne management saying that I have 2 guest
passes waiting for me at the show. I nearly fell off my chair and shit
my pants! Could it be? Some kind of recognition...after all these hard
years of work on my website....that it has all finally paid off? Yes!!
Yes!!! Yes!!! So I called Sullivan up, told him "thanks so much" but I
got my own passes! He was totally psyched for me.

So, now the story begins. It was July 24th, 2000. A wet, dreary, cloudy
day. Me and my buddy Chuck got to the PNC Arts Center around 2:00 PM. I
had told him on the car ride there that this can not go off without a
hitch. What if the passes weren't there? What if it were all a cruel
joke? Well, it didn't all go as planned. We got to the will-call
window, nervously I showed my ID and asked for my passes. The lady came
to the window with an envelope and I felt relieved. She handed me two
VIP guest passes and off I went to the gate.

We got to the gate and security told us that we needed tickets
with these passes to get in. So back to the will-call window it was
to see if I had tickets waiting.... but there were no
tickets. So at this moment, I'm freaking out. I have back stage passes
with no friggin' tickets? THIS SUCKS! So, we pondered
some ideas for about 3 minutes and walked over to a special gate
that said VIP only.

Walked right through it. Security didn't look twice. Chuck and I looked at each
other and I said, "Should I laugh now or wait a few minutes?"
We waited a few minutes and then had a good laugh.

Now we're in. We go over to the main stage and try getting in to the
seated section. We get past 1 security guard and then a 2nd one stops
us. "You guys can't get into the seated section with these passes and
no tickets." What? We're screwed. SCREWED! What are we going to do all
day? So, we sit down in the first section we got into and check out
POD. I like these guys, I bought their album when they first started
getting big, so it was cool to see them live. They put on a good show.
After they went off we walked over to the 2nd stage to see what was up.
I couldn't even tell you who was on stage. We didn't watch anyone over
there really the whole day. I didn't care for the line up at all. I
would have like to have seen Kittie and Soulfly, but you'll see why
I missed them later on in the story.

Back to the main stage, we get through the one security check and don't
take anymore chances. We sit down in some open seats and watch Methods
of Mayhem with Tommy Lee. Horrible. They stunk. I like their album too,
but they are horrible live. The entire crowd must have thought the
same because Tommy threw his guitar into the drums and said "You all
fu***ng suck" and stormed off of the stage. He was pissed.

So now we were off to get some drinks and what not. $12 for 2 sodas
and a pretzel. Ridiculous. We wasted some time, walked around Never
Never Land and came back to the main stage to watch Incubus. Well,
this time, I hung two old laminated Ozzy passes around my neck that
I have had since 1992 and walked past every security guard all the
way down to the front. No one blinked an eye. Stupid idiots don't
even know what passes are good or bad. Just because it said Ozzy,
they believed it. So by this time, Chuck and I are laughing our
asses off in disbelief. It was about 5:00 and time to meet Sullivan
up front like we had planned. We waited around for about 15 minutes,
but no Sullivan turned up. Sullivan told me I could call him
collect on his mobile phone so I tried doing that but I quickly
found out that mobile phones don't accept collect calls. I tried
everything, charging it to 4 different Visa cards, 1-800-Collect,
the operator, calling cards...you name it, nothing worked...and no,
I didn't have $4 in change! Luckily, at 5:30 I look out the gate
and there he his. Shwew...it's like finding a needle in a haystack.

Sullivan brought his friend Dan (who is the new guitarist for Dee
Snyder's new band) along with him and we all headed towards the back
stage area. Unfortunantley I was unaware of the VIP area back there,
otherwise I would have been hanging out there all day. I was told
when we got there that we had missed Sharon Osbourne by 3 minutes.
Ouch, that hurt. Another nail in the board was that our passes were
just cut from going any further back stage. OUCH. It still worked
out pretty cool because when ever someone cool walked by, we would
hold our cameras up and yell at them to come up to us. We met Jack
Osbourne, Joe Holmes, Robert Trujillio, and Wayne Static from Static
X. All nice people. Jack remembered me from last year and my website,
and Joe gave us all guitar picks. Check out the pictures:



Ozzy and Sharon walked by numerous times but attempts to get them to
our level were unsuccesful. We did get waves and hello's but that
was about it. I did manage to get these awesome photos of them:


(That's a joke son, ha ha ha.)

Next time (if there ever is a next time) I will be in
that VIP area all day long!

The time now is 7:45 and the VIP area is now closed and it's off to
catch Pantera on the main stage. This is where I really started
getting nervous because I had no tickets for seats, but Sullivan
had gotten two 9th row seats with his passes! How bad could this
suck? So Sullivan and his friend Dan went their seperate ways and
we said our goodbyes and whatnot....blah blah blah. I put the
old 1992 passes around my neck and walk pass security again with
no problem at all. All the way down to row 8, dead center and who
should I find right behind me? Sullivan and Dan. Shweeet! Who needs
tickets anyway? No one screwed with us the rest of the night. It
got a little tight at times because there were 2 more people in this
aisle who shouldn't be there, but no one complained. We watched the
Pantera set and I know I shouldn't say this, but I'm going to
anyway... I'm sick of them! Do they have to be on every Black
Sabbath and Ozzfest bill? I've seen them 10 friggin times now in the
past 4 years. Ever hear of a razor? Or a bar of soap? Yes, they
play great metal music, but the lead singer is so full of himself it
isn't funny. I did enjoy when they were praising Ozzy and they
started playing Over The Mountain, that was pretty cool. I saw Ozzy
sitting on the side of the stage enjoying it. Finally, after 'yawn'
their set was over, it's OZZY time!

Ozzy's new opening movie is hillarious. Ozzy appears in scenes from
Gladiator, American Pie (hey dad!), Austin Powers, Sixth Sense (I got
a secret, I can't stop jackin' off!), Who wants to be a millionaire?,
Budweisers whasssssssssup? commercial (hilarious!), and music videos
with N'Sync and Britney Spears. I can't wait to get a copy of this.
The movie ends and the hellish stage lights up on fire. Ozzy is
sitting upon a rotating chair above the drum set with fire all around
him...it just looked awesome. The heat from the fire blasts were
intense. I could imagine what they feel like up on stage. Ozzy once
again sang the same exact songs he has been singing for the past 5
years except for one...Diary of a Madman. My heart sank. It's one
of my all tims fav's. It's never been sung live in concert until
this year. It was awesome. Although I think it's the one song Ozzy
had the most problems getting through all night...it was still
awesome. In general, Ozzy's voice was pretty good...considering he
has been on the Ozzfest tour for almost a month. I thought his
voice was alot better last month when I saw him at the DFP show.
I snapped numerous pictures through out the night (Check them out,
the links are on the bottom of this page!) on my digital
camera. I don't know if the flash from my camera pissed Ozzy off
or not, but he soaked my ass, and I mean soaked my ass when he
was on that chair that rises up 30 feet in the air. I was drenched.
Sullivan took an even harder hit then I did, but my friend Chuck
got through it with out a drop. Go figure. I'm lucky my camera
still works! He ended with Paranoid (of course) and tons of fire
works and Ozzy confetti. Very cool time. Especially without tickets!

On the way out I grabbed a tour book for $15 and a stiker for $3.
Those shirt prices are ridiculous. $30 for a shirt? You must be
kidding. I remember when $15 was high. Also, here's a little hint
for you guys who like the Ozzfest sampler cd's...always wait until
after Ozzy is off to get these cd's. I do it every year and I get
them all for $5. This year I got seven of them. During the day
you only get 1 or 2 for playing a $5 game.

Hope you enjoyed!

Have an Ozzfest experience you'd like to share? I'd love to read
it! Send it over.

(Took about 100 pics, these are the best ones)

Phil from Pantera

Opening shot, Ozzy's back to audience on rotating chair

Opening shot, Ozzy on rotating chair

Nice full stage shot

Ozzy and Joe on stage

Ozzy spraying audience from flying chair

Ozzy spraying audience from flying chair #2

Show ending with fireworks