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Ozzy Osbourne To Record Bob Dylan Cover With Leslie West & Mountain (4/20/2006)

4/25/06 Update: According to the Osbourne camp, this story is false:

For a band that's 37 years old, Mountain has certainly kept its ear on the pulse of today's music culture. Guitarist Leslie West, drummer Corky Laing and bass player Richie Scarlet continue to play tons of stints across the U.S. and U.K. When not on the road, the guys are in the lab working on a new Bob Dylan tribute album. The disc will be an electrified take on Dylan's classics and will feature A-list names such as Todd Wolf, who has written, produced and performed for Sheryl Crow's band. Metal royalty Ozzy Osbourne is even slated to record vocals for the album.

How has the band managed to stay in the game for so long?

West has been involved in a never-ending string of musical projects since the birth of Mountain. Most recently, he helped produce modern rocker Clutch's new album. He released an instructional guitar DVD. He's even laid down guitar tracks for Ozzy. That was last year, when Ozzy covered "Mississippi Queen."

The story behind Mountain begins in Long Island, N.Y.

Formed in 1969, the band always seemed to have a good handle on the biz - how many groups play their fourth live show ever at Woodstock? Its debut album, 1970's "Climbing," produced "Mississippi Queen." The disc was a snapshot of Mountain's versatility, toting hard-rock riffs and blues boogies. It went gold.

"You can never gauge when you're writing an anthem whether or not it's going to be a hit," said Pellegrini, "but the guys had the idea that it was catchy. It's hard rock, and it has a groove to it. And everybody knows the cowbell; the hook to it."

In 1972, the group broke up. Throughout the years, members have gotten back together, always staying active in the biz. In 1983, original bass player and former Cream producer Felix Pappalardi was shot and killed by his wife; since then, the group has since gone through a round of bass players.

All in all, it's a memorable career. And it's notable enough to have earned Mountain a spot on VH1's scroll of the Top 100 Hard Rock Groups of All Time.

What keeps Mountain hot with fans?

"It still gets people in the heart," said Mountain touring manager John Aubel. "I think their music touches people; their songs, and the way they play the music."


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