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Ozzy Osbourne Interviewed At Rock Hall Luncheon (3/13/2006) caught up with members of the first family of heavy metal Friday, The Osbournes at a luncheon held in New York City, Friday (March 10) by Rolling Stone for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees.

They spoke about life after the reality show that became an international sensation, Ozzy’s touring plans, and Sharon’s belief that her husband was the original king of bling.

“If you look back on the old photos of Ozzy,” Sharon said, “he had the original bling.” She added that Ozzy has been sporting eccentric jewelry – including rings, bracelets, a watch, and a gold cross – onstage for decades.

Ozzy will sport that bling when he hits the stage this summer during his annual Ozzfest. In an effort to phase him out, he will only headline 10 shows this year. He explained that he would like to do some musical exploring, “doing something that is not metal; not jazz of course.” He added that he will be touring arenas after his Ozzfest obligations are completed.

Sharon reiterated the fact that “Ozzy is not going to retire. He sits at home opening the fridge back and forth like something is going to appear if he keeps opening and closing the fridge, and I’m like, “What the f-ck are you doing?’ He’s bored at home.”

The family’s home life was the focus of their groundbreaking show, The Osbournes. Unfortunately, while the masses were entertained, “all the money we made on The Osbournes went to lawsuits,” Sharon said.

“The TV show drastically changed our lives. Our social life had completely changed. People we have never even met were inviting us to dinner. I never understand why the people send you things when you’ve got money. The one thing is that the public related to us. It showed we all have the same problems. When the show stopped, you are yesterday’s news. I was walking down the red carpet the other day at some event and someone asked ‘How is Kelly in rehab?’ and I was like, ‘She is not in rehab,” and they said but she’s not in LA as if there was no other world outside of LA. There is a place outside of LA where people do actually work.”

The well-spoken and charming Kelly, who was also at the event, added that “Going to school in LA was the worst. I was really British and being put in the situation.” She explained that the behavior of her classmates and the pressures associated with going to school in Los Angeles “is why I turned to drugs. It was an escape.”

“I don’t want to be the Hollywood starlet,” Kelly added. “I don’t want to be Paris Hilton. I don’t want to be Nicole Richie. I don’t want to be Britney Spears. I remember opening magazines and seeing stories like Kelly has a triple chin. That was hard. It really f-cked with my self-esteem. I think other girls are horrible as role models. I am just a normal girl that came from a f-cked up family.”

Also spotted at the event was oldest daughter Aimee, who refused to appear on the show, a fact that Sharon pointed to when she described the impact of the show on the family. “My oldest daughter did not want to be on the show, so for three years, we were really apart and that’s three years we can never get back.”


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