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Tommy Lee Says Ozzy Osbourne Painted His Hotel Walls With Own Excrement (9/7/2005)

Tommy Lee and Ozzy Osbourne with daughter Aimee - circa 1984

Tommy Lee remembers a time Ozzy Osbourne's outrageous antics went too far even for him, when the Black Sabbath legend decorated the walls of the Motley Crue drummer's hotel room with a fistful of his own excrement.

Lee admits Osbourne's faeces mural may have been a "gesture of friendship", but it was one gift he could have lived without.

He recalls, "Ozzy took a crap in my hotel room, right in the middle of the carpet, and then started painting the walls with his own shit.

"Just when you think you've seen everything. I'm not the easily-shocked type but that episode had me reeling.

"Maybe, in some f**ked-up way, Ozzy meant it as a gesture of friendship."

Source: Contactmusic

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