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Ozzy Osbourne: The Ultimate Survivor Game (9/20/2005)

(In deep announcer voice): It's the ultimate survivor game... which song will win? Which album will win?

Ok... what's this all about? I've set up a ton of polls for you to take (I know you all love them!): What is your favorite song on each of Black Sabbath's (with Ozzy) studio albums? What is your favorite song on each of Ozzy Osbourne's solo albums? What is your favorite Black Sabbath (with Ozzy) studio album? What is your favorite Ozzy Osbourne solo album?

I'll keep all of these polls open indefinitely, but in about a month or so, I'm going to take the winning results of each poll, and create another poll with the top 9 answers from each category (for songs). Then you are all going to vote on the ultimate Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne (solo) song of all time. Then we'll do the same thing with the albums. Sabbath vs. Ozzy (solo). Get it? Good. (If no... just go take the friggin' polls and stick around to see what happens!)

(Note: as this is an "Ozzy" only survivor game, I have intentionally left off "Swinging The Chain" and "It's Alright" from the Black Sabbath albums as they were sung by Bill Ward.)

Ready? Go!

Favorite Black Sabbath (with Ozzy) Studio Song Polls

Favorite Ozzy Osbourne (Solo) Studio Song Polls

Favorite Studio Album Polls


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