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Jack Osbourne Takes It Up The Ass (8/17/2005)

NOW THAT GOT YOUR ATTENTION! I'm sorry, but I just couldn't resist that title. Jack Osbourne has lost a ton of weight, and he owes it all to a seven-day detox involving colonic irrigation twice a day in Thailand.

Colonic (Adj.) - irrigation of the colon for cleansing purposes by injecting large amounts of fluid high into the colon. (In other words: they shove a tube in your ass and pump in gallons and gallons of fluid.)

The Daily Mirror reports:

Son of Ozzy is re-bourne... thanks to a colonic Thai break.

HE RISES at 7am, flexes his toned, bronzed muscles and takes a strenuous 45-minute run before a frugal fruit salad breakfast.

He will not allow alcohol, drugs or cigarettes to poison his trim 160 lb. physique and he is tucked up in bed by 11pm after a gruelling day of rugged rock climbing.

The former drug addict son of Black Sabbath wildman Ozzy and X Factor judge Sharon has lost a ton of weight in a harsh exercise and detox regime which at times reduced him to tears.

His geeky thick-framed specs have been replaced by contact lenses and his frizzy mane has given way to a smart crop.

This handsome young man is a far cry from the moody, fat, drug-addled yob who made a career out of winding up sister Kelly in Channel 4's The Osbournes.

"People don't recognise me any more," he laughs. "I've been able to lead a normal life for the first time in years.

"I went to an award ceremony and stood on the red carpet waiting for the photographers to take my picture. They didn't recognize me and snapped Peter Andre instead. But I'm much cooler than him."

Even his famous parents couldn't believe their eyes. "It was a real shock to them," he says. "I hadn't seen my mum for a couple of months. She was so excited and happy for me because she used to have a weight problem herself.

"My target is to get down to 147 lbs, but they are worried because they think that's too skinny.

"I feel really good, but I've never felt as physically tired."

Jack has reached peak physical fitness while filming his new ITV2 (UK) adventure series Jack Osbourne Adrenaline Junkie. The show sees him embarking on dangerous feats, culminating in the ultimate challenge next month: climbing the 3,000ft sheer rock wall El Capitan, in California's Yosemite Valley.

He lost a dramatic 10 lbs in just one week during a seven-day detox involving colonic irrigation twice a day in Thailand. He could drink only water and high-fibre drinks.

"That was one of the most miserable weeks of my life," he says. "It was hot, sticky and boring. I had a tube up my a** twice a day and five litres of coffee was poured in. It wasn't painful but the pressure was uncomfortable.

"I was camping in a little hut in Thailand, so I went for weeks without seeing my reflection. And when I finally looked in a mirror four weeks later I spent ages looking at myself, thinking: 'Wow.'"

He was at his heaviest - about 231 lbs - last year before TV's Extreme Celebrity Detox. "I was in no physical shape whatsoever," he admits. "I would eat to the point where I was stuffed and it was turning straight to fat."

Now he runs, does rock climbing, eats healthily and drinks water and fruit juices. He still wants to lose that other stone and carve a six-pack before he finishes his big challenge - but sometimes the fear of climbing huge rock faces was so overwhelming that he broke down in tears.

"I got freaked out," he says. "I started to cry at the daunting task ahead of me. I was tired, homesick and emotional."

His new look helped to make it all worth while, but Jack has no plans to follow his mothers path to cosmetic surgery.

As he examines the picture of his mother showing off her impressive new 34C breast implants in yesterday's Mirror. "She didn't tell me she was having them done because she knows I'd yell at her," he says.

"And why is Simon Cowell snogging my mum? What the f***?! Dad is going to go nuts. It's another man kissing his wife. Wow!"


3pm: Wake up, smoke cigarette, eat pizza or burgers until stuffed.
4pm: Bum around with mates, smoking, watching DVDs, playing war games on computer. Snack on crisps, nuts and chocolate.
8pm: To restaurant with friends for three-course high-carb, high-fat meal.
3am: Eat huge sandwich.
4am: Go to bed.


7am: 45-minute run.
8am: Eat fruit salad, dietary supplements.
8.40am: After waiting 40 minutes for the fruit to digest, eat a bowl of porridge.
9am: Rock climbing.
1pm: Lunch - salad with lean chicken.
2pm: Rock climbing. Snack on dried fruit and nuts.
8pm: Balanced evening meal such as pasta or meat and veg. More dietary pills.
11pm: Collapse in bed, exhausted.


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