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Ozzy Osbourne Throat Problems Persist, Throws Microphopne Down (8/12/2005)

All hell almost broke loose at Ozzfest Thursday night at White River Amphitheatre, in Auburn WA.

During the fourth song of headliner Black Sabbath's set, Ozzy Osbourne angrily tossed the microphone stand to the ground and left the stage in a state of frustration mid-song during "Dirty Women" after his voice began to constantly crack. While it humorously sounded like the 56-year old Osbourne was going through a second puberty, it was clear something serious was happening.

Osbourne later explained that his voice was "blown out" and gave the crowd an ultimatum. "I'm willing to stay ... if you're willing to listen." Everyone listened.

From there the band broke into "Fairies Wear Boots" and other Sabbath classics. Ozzy, who appeared rather jubilant, jogged, jumped and bounced up and down while singing. Even though his throat was hurting him (he winced while screaming several times) he played through the entire set.


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