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Early Live Black Sabbath Recording Sold To Divine Recordings (7/28/2005)

Rob Dwyer has updated his website, with the following information about the recently found early Black Sabbath live recordings we are all so desperate to hear:

Just a quick update on the Dumfries '69 tape that was first mentioned here on Sabbathlive back in May. Alex Wilson of Scotland recorded Black Sabbath back on 11/16/69 at Rugman's Youth Club in Dumfries, Scotland with a Grundig reel-to-reel recorder. It is a very unique live recording of the band making the transition between their clubbing days as Earth and their newly composed heavy rock material as the band they are today. My original posting received unprecedented interest from fans and collectors, all of whom have been wondering what is going to happen with the tape.

During my visit to Hollywood (for the Jimmy Kimmel appearance), I left a 4-song sample with Sharon Osbourne for Ozzy to check out. I knew he'd love to hear such an old recording of the band playing these old blues covers live. As fate would have it, Ozzy was quite interested in the tape and I put the taper in contact with Divine Recordings. After meeting with Colin Newman (from their London office) a few weeks, a deal was struck and the tapes now belong to Ozzy and Divine Recordings.

Will they ever be released publically? Alex isn't so sure about this, so the fate of this recording is in limbo at the moment. He did leave with one last bittersweet tidbit about the tapes - two more tracks from the show exist! These are additional renditions of "Behind The Wall Of Sleep" and "Blue Blooded Man" from the 1st set. He discovered these at the end of another reel while gathering his tapes for his trip to London.

More on Alex Wilson and his recordings is forthcoming part III of the Dumfries '69 article.

Unfortunatley Rob, I think this spells the end to this show ever being heard by anyone ever again. For more information on these tapes, you can read previous news reports posted here and here.


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