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Jack Osbourne Gets Breast Implants, Kelly Wants Nip Tuck (7/15/2005)

The London Mirror reports that Kimberly Stewart (daughter of rocker Rod Stewart), gave her friend and fellow rock progeny, Jack Osbourne, a pair of silicone breast implants that she recently had removed. Kimberly, a model, had the implants taken out because of health fears. "I gave Jack my implants and signed them," said Stewart. "He framed them and put them on his wall which is where they are today."

Kelly Osbourne, who was recently admitted to hospital with depression over her poor self image, is set on spending thousands on improving her body, She confessed to Britain's Closer magazine: "I'm going to get lifted, sucked, tucked and Botoxed until my forehead doesn't move". Last month, Kelly's mother, Sharon, revealed the star had not been admitted to rehab for drugs - but a complete mental breakdown over her weight.

Sharon, who has had extensive cosmetic surgery herself, said Kelly was being treated at the Las Encinas Hospital in California after being attacked by critics over weight and looks. The final straw came when a British chat show host asked Kelly if she had digitally manipulated photos to make herself look skinny.

Sharon revealed: "Kelly had a breakdown over that.

"That was the straw that broke the camel's back We were all really frightened We didn't know what she might do, so we decided Kelly needed treatment".

Source: Female First / London Mirror

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