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Huge Ozzy Osbourne Memorobilia Collection For Sale! (6/30/2005)

A good friend of mine has decided to part ways with his Ozzy collection of memorobilia. Questions regarding pricing, pictures or further descriptions should be directed to He will accept Paypal, and all items will include free shipping.

Ozzy, Sharon, & Kelly Bobble Pens
Ozzy Bobbler
Ozzy Talking Action Figure (Made By Mezco)
Ozzy Bark At The Moon Figure (Statue)
The Osbourne Family Throw Blanket
The Osbourne Family Lido Lamp
Ozzy Smiti(s) (Two Different Ones)
The Osbourne Family 4 Piece Coaster Set
The Osbournes Socks
Ozzy "Bleak Forest" Window Poster
Ozzy MiniMate (Werewolf)
Ozzy Figure Bank (Piggy Bank)
Ozzy (The Prince of Fucking Darkness) Air Freshener
Ozzy 2003 Calendar
Ozzy Bendable Figure (Three)
Sharon Bendable Figure (Two)
Jack Bendable Figure
The Osbournes Wallet (Grey)
The Osbournes Bandanna
Ozzy Figure Keychain
Ozzy "12 Doll
Ozzy "12 Talking Doll w/ Maggie (Dog)
Sharon "12 Doll
Kelly "12 Doll
Jack "12 Doll
Ozzy Throw Pillow
Ozzy Light Switch Cover
Osbourne Family Ceramic Mug
Osbourne Family Buttons (set of five)
Ozzy Bumper Sticker "Throne" (from 1984)
"Ozzy" Patch (new logo design)
Ozzy Photo Sticker
Ozzy Photo Magnets (four different ones)
"Ozzy" Bumper stickers (large red lettering)
"Ozzy Saves" Sticker
Ozzy Arm Band
Ozzy Wall Plaque
Sticker "Ozzy Fuckin Osbourne"
Ozzy Collectors Cards 36 Pack Box / 7 Cards Per Pack... The Entire Set Of 68 Several Times Over.
The Osbourne Family Collectors Cards (Premium Trading Cards) The Entire Set Several Times Over.
Ozzy Cross Necklace
Ozzy Christmas Santa Cap "Merry Fucking Christmas"
Ozzy Christmas Stocking
Ozzy "In the Box" Pop-up toy... plays Bark at the Moon
Ozzy Keychain (Diary Photo One Side/Ozzy Logo Other Side)
Ozzy Plastic Keychain (Yellow & Black Design)
Ozzy Photo Keychain (three different ones)
Ozzy "Blizzard of Ozz" Doll "18 (Plays Crazy Train)
Ozzy Leather Headband
Ozzy Magnet (Red & Black Design)
Ozzy Magnets 1st & 2nd Editions
Ozzy Silk Tapestry "Speak of the Devil"
Ozzy Silk Tapestry "Bark at the Moon"
Ozzy 1983 Calendar
Black Sabbath Rolling Papers
Black Sabbath Lighter
Ozzy Silver Cigarette Case
Ozzy Keychain (Silver w/ Logo)
Ozzy Party Poppers (Five Of Them w/ Different Album Covers On Each One)
Hit Parader Magazine Collectors "25 Years of Ozzy Osbourne"
Ozzy "Bark At The Moon" Lunch Box
"Diary of a Madman" Diary '82 (Date & Address Book)
Ozzy Action Figure (Todd McFarlane)
Ozzy "Bark at the Moon" Werewolfe Doll "18 (Plays Bark at the Moon)
3 1/4" Porcelain Ozzy Plate, 10,000 Made (Not Numbered)
Ozzy Comic Book (by Todd McFarlane)
Ozzy Snow Globe (Blizzard of Ozz)
Ozzy Ceramic Votive Holder
Ozzy Cross Box
Ozzy Headliners "Big Head" Doll
Ozzy Headliners Werewolf "Big Head" Doll
Ozzy Grave Yard Mirror
Ozzy Yo-Yo (Gold Plated)
Ozzy CD-Wallet
Ozzy Check Book Cover (Diary of a Madman from 1981) Hard to Find!
Ozzy Wallet (two different ones)
Ozzy Millennium Calendar
Ozzy CD Clock (three different ones)
Ozzy Wall Clock (three different ones)
Ozzy "Tribute" medal (promo item)
Ozzy Wristwatch (three different ones)
Ozzy "Holy Water" (bottled water)
Ozzy Candle (two of them)
Ozzy Mouse Pad (three different ones)
Ozzy Christmas Ornaments (two different ones)
Ozzy Lighter (The Ozzman Cometh)
Ozzy Wrist Sweatband (Bark at the Moon tour)
Ozzy "The Executioner" Mirror (12X12)
Ozzy Mirror
Ozzy One Dollar Bill
The Official Ozzfest '98 Magazine
Ozzy Shot Glasses (five different ones)
Ozzy Shooter Shot Glasses (two different ones)
Ozzy Ashtray
Ozzy Candy Jar
Ozzy Wine Glass
Ozzy Glass Beer Mug
Ozzy "Hands" Candle Holders
Ozzy Coffee Mug (two different ones)
Ozzy Key Chain
Ozzy Silver Key Chain (from Ozzfest 2000)
Black Sabbath Silver Flask
Ozzy Key Chain (made from Ozzy coin fine silver/1 ounce)
Ozzy Steel Die Cast Toy Collectible Cars (ALL OF THEM)
Ozzy CD Holder "Ozzy Hand"
Black Sabbath Guitar Picks (4)
Randy Rhoads "A Tribute" 3588 of 5000 by Jackson Guitars w/ Interview CD
Ozzy Tour Itinerary ("The Ultimate Sin Tour" UK Feb 6, 1986 - Mar 4, 1986)
Ozzy Tour Itinerary ("The Ultimate Sin Tour" Mar 26, 1986 - Apr 21, 1986)
Ozzy Tour Itinerary ("No Rest For The Wicked Tour" Nov 12, 1988 - Dec 31, 1988)
Ozzy Tour Itinerary ("No Rest For The Wicked Tour" Jan 5, 1989 - Jan 31, 1989)
Ozzy Tour Itinerary ("No Rest For The Wicked Tour" Jul 20, 1989 - Aug 6, 1989)
Ozzy Tour Itinerary ("Theater of Madness Tour" Nov 10, 1991 - Dec 15, 1991)
Ozzy Tour Itinerary ("Theater of Madness Tour" Jan 2, 1992 - Jan 31, 1992)
Ozzy Tour Itinerary ("No More Tours Tour" Aug 12, 1992 - Sept 10, 1992)
Ozzy Tour Itinerary ("Retirement Sucks Tour" Sept 14, 1995 - Oct 27, 1995)
Flying High Again / I Don't Know (Live)
Bark at the Moon / Spiders
So Tired / Bark at the Moon (Live)
Symptom of the Universe / N.I.B. (Picture disk)
Shot in the Dark / You Said it All
Shot in the Dark / Rock 'N' Roll Rebel
The Ultimate Sin / Lighting Strikes
Mama I'm Coming Home / Don't Blame Me
Perry Mason / Living with the Enemy (Picture disk)
No More Tears / S.I.N.
Mr. Crowley Live
Ultimate Ozzy
Interview Picture Disk (MM1201)


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