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Ozzy Osbourne's Children To Spill The Beans On Parents(6/12/2005)

Ozzy Osbourne's children, Kelly and Jack, are planning to write their autobiography, in which they will explain pros and cons of growing up in a well-known family.

"The book will be a detailed account of growing up in such a well known family and about facing up to everyday pressures of having famous folks," the sun quoted a source as saying to Daily Star.

The teenagers will also talk about the time they spent in rehabilitation center to fight their addictions to alcohol and painkillers.

"They will also discuss the sheer terror they faced when their father Ozzy was critically ill in hospital after a quad bike accident and how their brave mum Sharon battled breast cancer. Kelly is also planning to talk about her stormy relationship with sister Aimee They've had enough rows to feed several chapters," the source revealed.

Source: Daily Star

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