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Ozzy Osbourne's Guitarist Zakk Has Gone Wylde (5/6/2005)

According to a posting on, Zakk Wylde's BLACK LABEL SOCIETY show at the House of Blues in West Holywood, California Thursday night (May 5) ended early after Zakk reportedly snapped at one of his roadies and hinted from the stage that he had gotten into a fight with his wife prior to the concert. The following report was submitted to Blabbermouth by a fan who attended the concert:

"BLACK LABEL SOCIETY played the Hollywood House Of Blues last night and from the start of the show the band seemed off and Zakk didn't seem into, but I figured it was no big deal. When he finally talked to the crowd before 'In The River' and was going to talk about his Dimebag guitar, he mentioned to the crowd that just before the show he got into a physical fight with his wife and she was throwing punches at him. Then he talked about Dimebag and went into the song and didn't mention anything else about his fight with his wife. He soloed during the song for what seemed like over 10 minutes. Really, really long and self-indulgent. At just under 60 minutes, Zakk took off his Bullseye guitar from center stage after they played 'Suicide Messiah' and threw it at the monitor board/monitor man and started bitching about the monitors being fucked up and that he'd 'lay the hand of God down on somebody in a New York minute' if it wasn't fixed. Then he told the soundman that he couldn't hear shit all night and he just wanted to go home to his wife and kids and to get it all over with. He then refused to take another guitar from his tech and walked back and forth onstage as the band started jamming. He looked like he was going to start fighting people. He kneeled down on the side of the stage for a while, and then walked off. The band was still playing during this time and he finally came back on. He strapped on his orange Buzzsaw guitar, but then threw his beer cup at somebody behind the monitors. It looked like he threw it at a woman but I could be wrong.

"Anyway, he then turned around, took off his guitar, and threw it deep into the crowd and walked off. The drummer then kicked over his drums and the show was over. The whole tantrum thing lasted about 5 minutes and the band barely played 60 minutes.

"On the way out, I heard some roadies tell the doormen to make sure the guitar doesn't leave the building, and somebody else also said Zakk was headed to rehab tomorrow. He definitely has some anger-management issues and seemed a bit drunk onstage tonight. I've seen BLS many times before and tonight was the worst, and quite a letdown."

Just last month, at a BLS concert at The Big Easy (in Boise) was canceled after Police were summoned to the concert club around 3 p.m. after getting a call about a possible fight. When they arrived, they found that considerable damage had been done inside The Big Easy. Witnesses said the damage was done by guitarist Zakk Wylde using a baseball bat, Boise police spokeswoman Lynn Hightower said.

Officers detained Wylde and another man, Charles Hurd, for about a half hour. Nobody involved wanted to press charges, so the case was dropped, police said.

Source: Blabbermouth

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