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"Osbournes" To Air On New MTV Internet Overdrive Web Site (4/8/2005)

World Entertainment News Network is reporting that MTV will broadcast reality show "The Osbournes" on the Internet as part of a free online channel. The cable network has decided to launch the MTV Overdrive web site to compete with rival firms like Walt Disney and Microsoft, who have already capitalized on the growing number of online viewers.

MTV Overdrive will let users with high-speed computer connections watch music videos and extended programs on demand. The web site is currently being tested and will launch fully on April 25.

Jason Hirschhorn, MTV's senior vice president of digital music and media, says, "It seemed essential to create a new hybrid screen with its own content." And MTV bosses have blasted concerns the Internet channel will draw viewers away from their existing TV stations. MTV president Van Toffler says, "The TV experience is still great. Our ratings are moving higher and we don't fear that."

Source: Blabbermouth/WENN

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