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Sunday Mirror UK Interview With Ozzy Osbourne (4/4/2005)

Ozzy recently spoke to the Sunday Mirror on a number of subjects:

On His "Cursed" House:

OZZY believes his lavish family home in the English countryside is cursed. He said: "Every time I come back here something f***ed up happens."

He suffered a quad bike accident in the grounds of his mansion near Beaconsfield, Bucks, in December 2003, that nearly killed him.

In November last year 2million worth of gems were stolen from the estate after Ozzy confronted the thieves.

And last week the family arrived back from New York and hours later fire broke out in the Victorian house - leaving 100,000 worth of damage.

He said: "I came back a couple of years ago and broke my neck and f***ked myself up.

"We came back before Christmas and got burgled, and they got away with a s***load of Sharon's jewellery.

"I got back Friday and lit a fire in my room. We got back about twelve o'clock and within hours we had a huge f***ing fire."

Days later, the fire brigade were called out again - to a false alarm.

"My wife's f***ing candle mad. I don't like them. Candles on a wooden floor - that's a f***ing fire risk."

At the bottom of their road is the Quaker house where William Penn, who founded Pennsylvania, is buried.

Days before Ozzy's blaze, that historic house burnt down too.

OZZY Osbourne's Prince Of Darkness four-disc box set of his 25-year-solo career is out now.

On Cost Of Living:

"It's so f***ing expensive here."

DESPITE his millions and his transatlantic lifestyle, Ozzy is astonished at the cost of living in Britain - and feels that the working man is being priced out of the country.

He said: "To be honest, I do not understand how working class man lives here. You've got to buy food for the kids, gotta buy stuff for the house. But the cost is absolutely outrageous.

"It's nuts. I changed $4,000 and I got f***ing 1,800 back.

"What makes me laugh is that over in the States, people chain themselves to the petrol pumps if petrol's put up five cents a gallon. And I just laugh and think: 'You'd hang yourself if you went to England!'

"When I was a kid if you'd have said I would be paying like four quid for a gallon of water I would have said: 'F*** off.' I'd just go to the tap.

"That's got to be the biggest f***ing scam - I mean two-thirds of the f***ing planet is water. It's so f***ing expensive in England - and the only reason I can think why is because we don't have the Euro."

On The Royal Wedding:

"Charles must love her a lot."

IT may be only a small crumb of comfort for Charles, but 56-year-old Ozzy gives the Prince's marriage to Camilla Parker Bowles at Windsor Register Office on Friday his approval.

Ozzy revealed: "Charles obviously must love her a lot and she loves him - so what's the big deal? Has he got to spend the rest of his life on his own, while sneaking around with her? He's f***ing my age."

Ozzy met the couple when he performed at the Queen's Jubilee concert almost three years ago. "I've met them and she's all right. Camilla gets a bad reputation.

"She's nothing like Diana looks-wise - but he must obviously want to marry her and she wants to marry him.

"So I say f***ing good luck to them."

On Politics In The UK:

"The Tories are f***ing nutters."

WITH our General Election looming, Ozzy is in no mood to endorse any candidate - although he has a slightly higher viewer of Tony Blair than Michael Howard.

"I met Tony Blair a year ago and he seems an all right guy. But the Government tell us all this s*** and then they get in and don't do anything. As far as I'm concerned that's deception and they should be fired. As for the Tories, they're all f***ing nutters."

Ozzy believes politicians should concentrate on health and education. "I don't vote. These f***ing liars say they're going to drop taxes, but we're going to pay for this.

"In any society, though, the two most important f***ing things are education and better health care.

"People are afraid to go to hospital now - they come out with more things wrong than when they went in."

And on immigration, Ozzy said: "England is becoming over-populated. When I came back a couple of years ago and I saw people begging on the street with babies, I was like: 'What the f*** is happening here?'"

On Sharon's TV Career:

"I've said, people will turn on you."

WITH the Osbournes' fly-on-the-wall TV show coming to an end this month, Ozzy seems perplexed as to whether he is pleased the family opened themselves up to the world.

He admitted: "I'm actually not a big TV guy. Sharon's that. She's become Miss F***ing Wonderful and goes on every f***ing show. It's got to a point where I've said you've got to be careful because people are going to f***ing turn on you.

"But then, I think, she was f***ing dying a few years ago so as long as she enjoys it, who cares?

"One minute, I was a rock 'n roll star, the next I'm on the f***ing front page of every magazine in every f***ing country and I'm being chased around. In Boston this woman came up to me and said: 'Ozzy Osbourne. What are you doing in Boston?'

"And I said: 'A show', and this f***ing woman was like: 'A show? What kind of a show?' and I said: 'Rock 'n' roll'

"And she goes 'Wow, do you do that as well?'

"Yeah, like I've only been doing it for 35 years."

On War In Iraq:

"What the f*** was it about?"

"WHY the f*** are we in Iraq? When I'm on the road I do a bit of USO (US military overseas) work for the troops. So when we turned up I said: 'Why the f***ing hell did you join?'

"And they would say: 'Well, I live in a small hamlet with a population of 95 and I wanted an education."

Angry, Ozzy continued: "Last year I went to the military hospital in Washington and these f***ing kids, they're not even shaving yet, have had their eyes blown out and their arms blown off. I'm thinking this is wrong.

"Why are we still there - after all, we've liberated the f***ing country, haven't we?

"They're after Osama bin Laden and they go: 'Okay, we haven't got Bin Laden yet so we'll invade Iraq.'

"It's like saying: 'There's a war in Scotland so we'll invade Wales.'

"So why did we invade? Oh, Saddam Hussein (right) looks bad.

"Well they all f***ing look bad so it's like, what the f*** was that all about? So anyone that looks bad you think is a bad person.

"But I don't think many politicians would send their own f***ing kids into Iraq.

"They should bring our kids home. I'm really strong about that, you know."

On Their Health Scares:

"I'm living on borrowed time."

SHARON was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2002. She recovered - but Ozzy had his own cancer scare after a scan discovered a polyp.

He remembered: "So they took it out and sent it to the pathology lab. Thankfully, then I got the all clear.

"The biggest shock was Sharon. You feel like a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest because you can't do f*** all."

He has watched his children, Kelly and Jack, both battle drug addictions, and on April 20 Ozzy himself will celebrate one year free of drink and drugs.

"I was killing myself every f***ing day with drugs and alcohol. At one point, I drank four bottles of Hennessy cognac a day - and cocaine, speed, whatever. I'm a singer, but I smoked around the clock."

He stopped smoking after a visit to Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward, who was recovering from a heart attack. And he says drugs and booze "stopped working" for him.

"I consider myself living on borrowed time now, do you know what I mean?"

Source: Sunday Mirror

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