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Ozzy Osbourne Interviewed By Alice Cooper, Audio Available (4/14/2005)

In an interview to Alice Cooper (on his Nights with Alice Cooper radio show) that was posted online yesterday, Ozzy Osbourne spoke about the great rock bands of the past. "How more simple can you get than "You really got me" [by The Kinks]". I bought that single and I played it until I had to buy another one" said Ozzy. Regarding his influences and the impact of the Beatles: "I don't think there will ever be another Beatles... it's melodic."

He also made a comment about another rock band: "The tragedy of the last 20 years was Guns N' Roses... they were well up there... then Axl [Rose] read the tealeaves in his cup and went nuts or something".

You can listen to the interview here.

Source: Online Rock Radio / Ozzyhead

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