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Sharon Osbourne Speaks About Her Fathers Debts And Marriage To Ozzy (4/12/2005)

SHARON OSBOURNE is furious her estranged father has left her with staggering 30-year debts - after secretly putting all of his failing businesses in her name.

Sharon's father DON now has Alzheimer's disease and lives in a nursing home near her Los Angeles mansion, but she refuses to visit him because his criminal past mentally scarred her - and his tax bills are taking a huge chunk out of her dwindling fortune.

She complains, "In fact I'm still paying his tax bills from 30 years ago. I was his 'beard' - he didn't exist on paper. "Now he's actually broke and they come after me for tax. But if I had stayed in touch with my father, I would have ended up in prison, because everything he did was fraudulent."

Sharon also stated that her marriage to husband Ozzy was never expected to last. She revealed their romance was written off by friends of Ozzy who thought he should marry someone wilder.

She said: "I've certainly never been a rock chick - I wasn't into that whole leather trouser look. When Ozzy and I first got together people said "It won't last".

They expected him to be with some blonde, not with someone who looked like me." Meanwhile, the 52-year-old star, who has three children, Aimee, Kelly and Jack, confessed she was once mistaken for her husband's mother. The raven-haired star, who is four years younger than Ozzy, admitted to Britain's Independent magazine: "In those days I was very much into my silk dresses and pearls - I looked very proper."

Source: Female First

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