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Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne Escape House Fire(3/31/2005)

A blaze caused 100,000 damage on Frida March 25th. It started in the living room of the mansion
at Chalfont St. Peter, Buckinghamshire, after the heat from a fireplace ignited wood paneling. It
gutted the living room and forced Ozzy and Sharon to flee into the backyard.

Two staff members were treated at the scene after breathing in smoke, a fire service spokesman said.

Sharon Osbourne told The Sun newspaper she was devastated by the fire. "We could see great big flames
leaping up. We though 's**t' and ran. I was hysterical. I am beginning to wonder when this bad luck's
ever going to stop."

Source: Mirror / CNN

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gary: His Cover of Arthur Browns Fire seems to be really relevent all of a sudden. - Lock him up somewhere with nothing sharp, flammable, stealable or fall off able for his own protection!
(03.31.2005, 10:15)

tim: I'm just glad that no one was hurt!
(03.31.2005, 11:11)

max: a pr stunt!
(03.31.2005, 11:17)

ozzfan_max: Fuck! Poor Ozz and Sharon! First this rubbery and now the fire in th house.... I hope that there is no enemy of ozz, who really wants to hurt him!!!!
(03.31.2005, 11:53)

The Ozz Fan: Whoa. Hope The Ozz man and Sharon aren't too shaken up. Wonder why they're having so much bad luck recently
(03.31.2005, 12:23)

Brie: dude this sucks big time how much more bad luck can they have?
(03.31.2005, 13:06)

Crazy Larry: Oh jeez....even since The Osbournes hit the air it's been nothing but trouble, I love Ozz but I just hope he's not cursed!!
(03.31.2005, 13:55)

Chris: Fuck! Poor Ozzy and Sharon :( - They really need to move to somewhere else
(03.31.2005, 16:06)

Your momma: Fuck you all niggas........
(03.31.2005, 17:19)

MrTinkertrain: Ozzy Rocks!!!!!!
(03.31.2005, 17:57)

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