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How Black Was Our Sabbath - Now Available In Paperback Edition (3/25/2005)

This great book is now available in paperback edition. If you were ever "on the
fence" about ordering this book because of it's $35 price tag (for hardcover),
well now there is just no excuse. Get your copy now for just $10.50! Click
here now to purchase this from!

My original review:
Let me start off by saying what an excellent, well put together book this is.
Not only is it a great read, but the pictures alone make it worth buying! It
contains never before seen pictures of Earth and Black Sabbath!

This book was written by Dave Tangye (road manager and personal assistant to
Ozzy Osbourne during the Sabbath years) and Graham Wright (drum tech for Bill

It starts off with the bands' introduction in 1968 and takes you on tour straight
through 1979.

This is a book like no other!

It's a view from 2 people who got to witness all of the craziness, all the
practical jokes (mostly all at Bill Ward expense), all the parties, the groupies,
the drugs, the trials and hardships of being on constant tour, and best of all...
The madness of Ozzy Osbourne in his hey day.

There is no better way to sum up this book then to say "GO BUY THIS BOOK
NOW!" It is a definite "MUST" for any true Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne fan.

Visit the official site:


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