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Ozzy Interview To Air On Sirius Satellite Radio (3/23/2005)

Octane will officially become OZZtane, when the OZZtane staff celebrates over 35 years of Ozzy Osbourne, SIRIUS style! The weekend kicks off Friday at 7 am ET, and never before has this much airtime been dedicated to the man who's been "over the mountain" then "back to earth" more times than we can count. OZZtane will reflect on Ozzy’s career with a Black Sabbath or solo work every single hour! In case that's not enough to make you go "crazy," we’re throwing in some brand new Prince Of Darkness box sets, which feature 4 CDs, 51 songs and never-before-seen pictures of the man who started a musical revolution.

Mr. Osbourne came to the OZZtane studios for an exclusive interview to jump-start our weekend special. Join Covino Friday at 8 pm ET (with repeats throughout the weekend) as Ozzy opens up about his new box set, the 10th anniversary of OZZfest and what the future holds for the coolest Dad in the world. OZZtane is your source for the best pure hard rock out there and there is not a chance in hell that you should miss any of this special. It all gets rocking Friday at 7 am ET. Easter weekend will never be the same, thanks to OZZtane on SIRIUS!

Sirius is satellite radio. You must subscribe to hear it. You can sign up at for a free 3 day trial.


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