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Ozzy Refutes Claims Of Plastic Surgery, New Sabbath Album Not Yet Laid To Rest (3/21/2005)

Ozzy appeared on the Opie and Anthony radio show this morning on XM radio. When
asked about recent rumors of plastic surgery and what he had done, Ozzy replied,
"I had my dick shortened". Ozzy shot down the rumors and said "I don't know
where they get this shit from."

Ozzy was also asked why Black Sabbath hasn't put out any new albums. Ozzy
basically said that the group had gotten together in the past and put together
about 6 six new songs, but the material just didn't live up to the quality
of past albums. He also added that the idea of a new album has not been laid
to rest, but is on the back burner at the moment. "It just didn't feel right,
but if something comes about as good as "Paranoid" or "Volume 4", we'll
release it then."

Ozzy was also asked about his quad bike accident:

Did you see anything when your heart stopped?

"Oh, look at the bird up in the sky... doesn't my house look beautiful from down here",
Ozzy replied.

Did you see the Devil?

"I'm married to her!", Ozzy replied.


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