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Ozzy Stuck In 90 Minute Traffic Jam Attending Elton John Wedding (w/pic) (12/22/2005)

Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon Stone, Ringo Starr and Michael Caine were among the star names caught up in Britain's most glamorous traffic jam as guests arrived for Elton John and David Furnish's party to celebrate their civil union.

They were among a galaxy of celebrities who attended last night's reception party after the couple had earlier "tied the knot."

John and Furnish were officially united in an emotional civil partnership ceremony at the Windsor Guildhall after 12 years together.

Only a handful of guests witnessed the private ceremony -- held in the same venue where the Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker Bowles married in April.

However, the stars were out in force for the lavish reception at John's mansion in Old Windsor, west of London.

Seated in the back of a Rolls Royce cradling a parcel in silver packaging, Victoria Beckham smiled and chatted with a friend as she was driven through the flaming torches marking the entrance.

From John's music world, guests arriving included Elvis Costello and Jamie Callum. Meanwhile, from the entertainment world, chat show host Michael Parkinson and actor James Nesbitt were caught up in a line of traffic snaking back almost half a mile from the gates.

While David Beckham was not accompanying his wife, the sports world was represented by tennis star Greg Rusedski and England cricket captain Michael Vaughan.

Seated next to Helena Bonham Carter was her husband, director Tim Burton, while Caine sat quietly waiting to be admitted to the mansion. Also snarled up in the A-list traffic jam, Liz Hurley sat sending a text message as she waited to be ushered through the gates.

Just ahead, the Osbourne family -- Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly -- chattered among themselves, surrounded by throngs of photographers.

Singer Lulu pointed at the traffic and said: "This could only happen for Elton."

Just behind, Beatle Ringo Starr flashed a peace sign as he sat in the congestion, and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay waved "Merry Christmas" to the waiting media.

At the back of the hour and a half traffic jam was music legend Sting just behind Sharon Stone, representing Hollywood.

Just ahead, the world of fashion was represented by supermodel Claudia Schiffer and Donatella Versace. Adding a touch of real life royalty was Sarah, Duchess of York.

Singer Ronan Keating was also caught up in the jam. A handful of star struck local residents gathered round the gates as the final cars moved inside. Karen Jackson, of Windsor, told the UK's Press Association: "This is probably the best traffic jam I've been stuck in."

Earlier John and Furnish had tied the knot on Wednesday in a ceremony that capped the first week of civil partnership ceremonies in the United Kingdom.

The couple exchanged vows during a ceremony at Windsor's town hall -- the Guildhall -- where Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles wed in April.

The couple emerged after the ceremony smiling, waving and mouthing "thank you" to onlookers, as an attendant threw rice at them.

They had said the ceremony inside would be low-key, with only John's mother and stepfather and Furnish's parents attending.

Prime Minister Tony Blair, speaking to reporters at a news conference, wished the couple well and congratulated them for exercising their newfound legal right.

Guests at the couple's bachelor night on Monday had included Osbourne and his wife Sharon, Hurley and musicians Bryan Adams, Gary Barlow and Kid Rock.

Civil union ceremonies are seen as a watershed in the struggle for gay rights in the UK.

The partnerships are not a "marriage" in the religious sense, but give gay and lesbian couples the same legal benefits and responsibilities as heterosexuals who wed in a register office.

Source: CNN

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