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Wow, this was a tough contest to judge. I asked you all to simply e-mail me and tell me why you deserve to win. There were so many entries, and it wasn't like closing my eyes and picking random ones like I normally do. I actually sat here and went through all of them. Some enteries had alot of heart in them. Others simply said "I want it!" (Those were easily deleted). I wanted real fans to get these... people who are really going to enjoy them, people who really deserve them. So, I picked the following five people... Merry Christmas!

1. Meggan Martin of Lakewood, WA

Her entry:
My names meg, Im 17 and I've been an ozzy fan for about 4 years now.. Ever since i heard his voice I've been addicted, more than addicted. I have Cystic fibrosis so my lifes no piece of cake ( well no ones is! ) But ever since i have started listening to Ozzy his music has become such an inspiration to me to live my life to the fullest and the way i want. Which makes it a lot easier to cope with my disease, I attended my first Ozzfest this year, It was truly amazing.. We had the shitty lawn seats but worth every penny spent on the tickets. I honest to god thought i was going to cry when i saw him walk out on stage with the rest of Black sabbath behind him. I felt like a 12 year old at an N'sync Concert or something! haha, But it was truly the MOST amazing Thing in my life seeing him live.I Cant really say i DESERVE those Dvds But i can sure as hell say i want them!!! Ozzy is just a huge part of me coping with my illness and it would be SOO kickass to get those DVDs, so anyways.. thanks for your time!

And also By the way, I love your site! I discovered it about 2 years ago.. SO keep up the good work!!!

2. Matt Lauzon (overseas)

His entry:
I feel I deserve this great OZZY package because I have been a fan for many years! I am currently in the military and I am overseas. Things get pretty crazy here and can be very depressing being so far from home and family. To receive this prize would make my year! I love to see Ozzy and hear him as well! I really donít know what else to say other than I really want this prize!

Ozzy Rules!

Defending your freedom!
-Matt Lauzon

3. Gene Seprish of Charleston, SC

His entry:
I've always been a big Black Sabbath fan. They are my Elvis, if something ever happened to any one them, It would be like losing a member of the family. I was going through some old LP's last and found an old picture of Black Sabbath at Charleston County Hall in 1972 along with a ticket at a cost of $5.00. It was like finding treasure. My wife thought I was nuts. I was like a child with a new toy. It sure brought back memories of a great concert, even though they only played 2 songs. Ozzy said he lost his voice. We got to meet the band behind the county hall. They were and always be the greatest. I've been to the last 3 Ozzfests and will continue going. This year in Charlotte I got to talk to Tony and Geezer at a signing. I also got to meet Zakk and BLS. What a great Ozzfest!!! I am 49 years old and still rocking like the greatest band that ever lived. I would love to receive the DVD.

4. Howard Bradford of Griswold, CT

His entry:
hey mitch, love your site..been checking it out frequently for about 7 yrs or would be great if i was to win this contest because on the day of the show, i got up early got ready and was all pumped up about going, i havent been to an ozzfest show in 2 yrs ..anwya 10:00 am came around and myself and my wife headed out to the show..we arrived about 11:30 and hung around in the lot for an hour or 2 enjoying what was starting out to be a great we ventured into the show about 12:30 ...bought some t shirts and other shit...watched most of the bands and like i said it was starting to be a great day..was mainly therer to see the best band ever..or best metalman...ozzy...and about 6:30 i got a call on my cell phone with some terrible in laws were in a horrific car accident iin which my mother inlaw was killed and my father inlaw was critically injured as well.... so needless to say we left immediately my wife was completely hystercal for the rest of the day, and months to follow....what started off to be a truly memorable day turned into a complete tragedy for us, my children and the rest of the family as to win the dvd would truly be well needed break from from a yr with some terrible happenings! definately not looking to capitalize off this terrible thing, but as i said it would be fantastic to have something from the ozzfest from which we missed for such horrible reasons......thanks dude!!!

5. Eliot Kaplan of New Rochelle, NY

His entry:
Hi Mitch. I think that I should win a copy of this great DVD because, I hate to say this , but I think that I am even a bigger Sabbath and Ozzy fan than you are. I am 45 years old. I first went to see Ozzy and Sabbath in 1973, when I was 13. I live in New York and I piled into a car of older guys and we drove to the Atlantic City boardwalk in New Jersey. Sabbath was playing at the Atlantic City Convention Center. Over these many years, I have never missed an area show of either Sabbath or Ozzy. It's a yearly ritual. I have obviously been to all 10 Ozzfests and it is kind of depressing that Ozzy won't headline anymore. Hopefully, after a rest, Ozzy can get together with the other Sabs and plan out at least one more world tour. I know that Sabbath fans will reward them with sold out shows. If we can ever get Sharon to step out of the picture and just get all 4 guys talking, it could happen. Anyway, back to the contest. I love Ozzy, I love Sabbath and I feel that I would be a proud and deserving winner of this great DVD. Thanks for the opportunity to enter. Eliot Kaplan, 20 Amherst Drive, New Rochelle, New York 10804.

Thanks to all that entered, and a big thanks to "Smitty" and "Johnny" at ClearChannel Entertainment for hooking me up with this contest!


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