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Ozzy's Horny As A Rabbit, But Sharon's Actions Pissing Him Off (11/7/2005)

OZZY OSBOURNE'S wife SHARON fears she'll end up taking out a restraining order against her rocker husband - because he's always pestering her for sex.

The rock matriarch used to think his constant cravings were normal, but after broaching the subject with friends she discovered other couples don't share their bedroom enthusiasm.

She says, "Well since I started talking to other couples about sex as I got older, I realised that Ozzy is very highly sexed compared to a lot of them.

"He's like a f**king rabbit, honestly.

"(We have sex) every night we're together. Every night.

"Sometimes I have to tell him I am too tired but Ozzy's never tired.

"I think I might have to make a formal complaint against him actually."

Meanwhile, Ozzy is quite upset with his wifes behavior on the UK Tv show X-factor.

The judge, mentor of the 25 and over solo singers, kissed co-star Simon Cowell on last week's show. She also told finalist Shayne Ward, "I've got something to give you. it's warm and lovely and nice smelling."

One source told The People, "Ozzy was livid when he saw her flirting with Shayne. He is young enough to be her son - in fact he's younger than the couple's eldest daughter Aimee and the same age as daughter Kelly.

"Ozzy had a go at her about it and she apologised for her behaviour. But he wouldn't let it drop and has been ringing her on set, going on about it."

A spokesman for the show confirmed, "Sharon's behaviour did raise Ozzy's eyebrows."


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