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Ozzy Osbourne Says Shopping With Wife Would Make Him Drink Again (11/29/2005)

He proclaims to hate shopping, especially with his wife. Ozzy, who plans to spend Christmas in the US, revealed he is not a fan of the festivities. Part of the reason he isn't a Christmas kind of guy is that he doesn't drink anymore and therefore finds the celebrations a bit of a drag.

Ozzy says one of his greatest presents this year has been son Jack's recovery from his addiction to drink and pills. He says the 20-year-old has turned his life around after doing rehab and then battling an addiction to food. "I learn more from him than he could ever learn from me." says Mr. Osbourne.

In other news, Osbourne confeses that he has dreamt of Paul McCartney marrying his sister.

The rocker says he is the biggest Beatles fan that ever lived and used to dream that frontman McCartney would join his family.

The legendary singer discovered the band when he heard 'She Loves You' on the radio and used to have posters of the group splashed across his bedroom walls.

He told Britain's Sunday Times magazine: "It changed my life. It was such an incredible explosion of happiness and hope. I became the biggest Beatles fan in the world. I used to dream - wouldn't it be great if Paul McCartney married my sister? My bedroom wall was literally covered in Beatles pictures."

Source: UK-Flava / Ireland Online

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