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Ozzy Osbourne Blasts X-Factor, Kelly Floods Hotel Room (11/16/2005)

If only Sharon had been there to plant a hand over her gobby hubby's mouth. Ozzy Osbourne has taken a sideswipe at his wife's TV show X Factor saying it's "killing music" and it traumatises its contestants.

The hellraiser was making an appearance on radio station Planet Rock when he decided to speak his mind. "They never go anywhere," Ozzy said of the show's winners. "Look at that Steve from last year. I think he's back doing the pub circuit." But after that put-down for 2004 champ Steve Brookstein, Ozzy was back with more ranting. "X Factor is one big theatre, it's turning music into WWF," he went on. "It's about killing music to make light entertainment. It should be about music and talent but it's not." However, he does have some sympathy for the wannabes. "It's all fine and dandy, I'm all for it if they enjoy it. But it's got to have some effect on them if they end up not pursuing a musical career and going back to the same milkman job or window cleaning job."

Meanwhile, daughter Kelly Osbourne's birthday bash ended in disaster after a massive pillow fight triggered the hotel's water sprinklers - flooding the building. The singer's 21st party spun out of control on the ninth floor of the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel when Paris Hilton's new boyfriend Stavros Niarchos sparked the play fight, according to America's Las Vegas Review-Journal newspaper.

But within minutes events turned sour when revellers began hurling furniture around the room. One guest then allegedly threw a table at the ceiling which broke the head of a sprinkler causing water to cascade into the rooms. The fire alarms were then set off causing the entire hotel to be evacuated. According to eyewitnesses, 20-year-old Stavros was seen emerging from the building with his long hair covered in white feathers.

One guest revealed: "The carpet was coated with pillow feathers. Every lamp was broken. "A maid told us they ruined every pillow in the room." Stavros was then ordered to pay out $100,000 in damages. Paris, whose family own the Hilton hotel chain, was allegedly heard shouting at her new lover: "I don't want Hard Rock to think I bring in people who do this stuff. However, Paris has since insisted she and Stavros were asleep at the time.

Source: / teentoday

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