This is my 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. I bought her in 1991.

Current Specs
Engine: 350 Four bolt main (replaced 327)
Heads: 2.02
Manifold: Edelbrock Performer
Carb: Holley 750 CFM double pumper
Transmission: Rebuilt turbo 350, B & M shift kit (replaced powerglide)
Rear: 3.73 Posi (replaced open 2.80)
Exhaust: Dual with headers
Other goodies: Electric fuel pump, electric fan, 4 row radiator
Speed: 13 Second 1/4 mile

She's gone through many many changes....

February 23, 1991 (Look at that quarter panel!)

March 29, 1991

October 12, 1991

June 1, 1992 - painted by Maaco. This paint ran off with the rain
practically. It looked good for about 2 years and then went to crap.

Since the Maaco job in 92, extensive body work has been done. I
replaced the cowl induction hood, the cowl panel, the header panel,
the front fenders, the rear quarters, the rear panel and slapped
a new vinyl roof on. It was freshly painted on 12/8/03 with 2000 Honda
Accord Satin Silver Metallic with black stripes.

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