Just Who The Heck Am I?

My name is Mitch Van Beekum. I was born December 17th, 1973. I grew up
in Prospect Park, NJ (USA). I currently live in Hopatcong, NJ. I work
in the mortgage industry. I am married and I have 1 son and 2 daughters.

The Beast!

I bought this 69 Camaro in 1991. It's my dream car. Pure American Muscle.
Click here for the specs and all the resto work I've done on it.

How I Became An Ozzy Fan

I became an Ozzy fan around 1983, when I purchased
"Paranoid" and "Bark at the moon" through one of those mail services.
Remember, 8 tapes for a penny? I remember feeling such a rush every
time I discovered a Black Sabbath album I hadn't heard before. Ozzy
just had this voice that intrigued me. He could sing "Jingle Bells" and
I would want it. As I got older, I discovered that there were "B-side"
songs on singles. I had to have them all. My collection just started
growing. I would go to flea markets and buy any kind of Ozzy stuff I
could find.

How This Website Came To Be

Around October 1995 I bought a computer and started up a little
website on Compuserve. It didn't consist of much... a few pictures,
a few wav files, and not much else. When ever I had a little spare
time I would scan some pictures and add them to the site, and it
took on a life of its own from there.

Some Facts About This Website

I don't use an html program to generate my pages. I edit my pages using
word pad. Over time I have learned the html language (it's quite easy!).
It gets a few million hits a month.

Website Perks

I've met a lot of great people on the internet and have made alot
of really cool connections. This website has enabled me to get
backstage and meet alot of my favorite artists. Click here to
check out some of those pictures.


I'm not one to toot my own horn, but I think it's pretty cool when my
site is mentioned in magazines & books. Here are some examples... (click on them!)

Metal Edge (Magazine) - March 1998
Hit Parader (Magazine) - June 1998
Ozzy Knows Best, An Unauthorized Biography (Book) - 2002
Hit Parader (Magazine) - January 2002
Entertainment Weekly (Magazine) - July 2002
Hit Parader (Magazine) - October 2002
Ozzy (Book - Brazil) - 2003
Switch (Magazine - Mexico) - March 2004
Q and Mojo (Magazines) 2005
Hindustan Times (Newspaper - India) - 2005

(If you know of any others, I'd love to see a scan!)

Concerts I've Attended

I've been to a few concerts in my lifetime...
Click on the "Review" link (if there is one) to
read a summary and check out some pics!

Overkill 6/22/90 (Ticket)
AC/DC - Love/Hate 11/17/90
Judas Priest - Megadeth - Testament 12/14/90 (Ticket)
Ozzy Osbourne - Prong 1/25/92 (Ticket)
Metallica 4/8/92 (Ticket)
Rush - Candlebox 4/22/94 (Ticket)
Overkill 1994
Jimmy Page, Robert Plant - Rusted Root 4/7/95 (Ticket)
Nine Inch Nails - David Bowie 9/27/95 (Ticket)
Ozzy Osbourne - Fear Factory 10/14/95 (Ticket)
Ozzy Osbourne - Korn - Life Of Agony 1/18/96 (Ticket)
Ozzy Osbourne - Prong - Filter 6/1/96
Rush 12/15/96
Metallica - Corrosion Of Conformity 4/1/97 (Ticket)
Ozzy/Sabbath reunion - Ozzfest - 6/8/97 (Ticket)
Ozzy, Sabbath reunion (without Bill Ward), Ozzfest - 6/15/97 (Ticket)
Foo Fighters - 5/15/98 (Ticket)
Ozzfest - 7/3/98 (Ticket)
Black Sabbath reunion 2/5/99 (Review) (Ticket)
Ozzfest - 6/10/99 (Review)
Metallica with Orchestra of St. Lukes - 11/23/99 (Ticket)
Korn - Staind - 4/1/2000
DFP 4.0 with Ozzy 6/23/2000
Ozzfest - 7/24/2000 (Review)
Ozzfest - 8/11/2001 (Review)
Ozzy Osbourne - Rob Zombie 12/23/2001 (Review)
Ozzfest 7/22/2002 (Review)
Ozzfest 8/18/2003 (Pass)
Ozzfest 7/16/2004 (Pass)
Audioslave - Johnny Polonsky 4/30/05 (Ticket)
Ozzfest 7/26/2005 (Review)
Audioslave - Seether 10/29/05 (Ticket)
Ozzfest 7/29/2006 (Review)