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Zakk Wylde Says Ozzy And BLS Will Tour In February (9/5/2006)

ďWe have like twenty songs completed man, and I had everything to do with this album, including all the riffs and the mellow shit. I mean everything. Thatís the way it should be done. Not like last time around! (2001ís Down To Earth, where Wylde was simply a session guitarist, with no song writing contributions towards the album) My track record speaks for itself. Between No Rest For The Wicked (1988) and No More Tearsí (1992), I think itís fucking safe to say at this point that I know what the fuck Iím doing. I care about Osbourne. I mean, heís the godfather of my son. I just didnít want to see another situation like last time around where there were all these cock sucking clowns, who havenít written a fucking song for anybody, coming around to the studio passing Ozzy songs. Theyíre just a bunch of fucking bullshit artists, and it really pissed me the fuck off. They just want to get their head inside Ozzyís ass. I saw that coming, and I ainít got time for that bullshit this time. I see it all the time. They donít bleed this shit, and thatís the reason why I care. Once you get the money involved, all they want is to get their grubby fucking paws all over it all. The bottom line is my job is to protect him. So while I have a bit of time up my sleeves before these upcoming rehearsals, Iím going to be working with Osbourne. Iíll be there just to help him out on the melodies and all that stuff. Osbourne has got to get this album done. The music is done right now, itís just a matter of the boss singing his balls off, and then its all good to go. The plan is to have the album released in February next year. By that time, (Zakk Wylde and) Black Label Society will already be touring with the Shot To Hell album. So Ozzy will be headlining, with (Zakk Wylde and) Black Label (Society) supporting, with an opening act supporting the two of us.Ē

Read the whole interview with Zakk here.


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