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Ozzy Osbourne To Team Up With Dog The Bounty Hunter? (9/26/2006)

Hopefully Duane 'Dog' Chapman can plow through his legal troubles in short order as the next season waits for A&E's "Dog the Bounty Hunter. That season may hold a unique and rather intriguing combination as Dog wants to employ rocker and reality star Ozzy Osbourne for a "ride along."

If anybody could get criminals to listen, it would be Ozzy Osbourne, claims Duane "Dog" Chapman. With the fourth season of his reality show, "Dog the Bounty Hunter," already in production, Dog says he'd like to see the famous musician accompany him on his next bounty hunt.

"We're doing a celebrity ride along very soon. He wrote our theme song so he's one of the people we're thinking about," says Dog about Osbourne. However, no final decisions have been made.

"I'd love to have Ozzy and Sharon there, but we've got several names. I want to take a girl, too." As for why he wants to have a celebrity with him? "I'm not doing it for the ratings, believe me," he claims. "I want to have a guy with me when I arrest somebody so I can tell them, "Listen, the day that you meet Ozzy Osbourne, you can change your life and quit doing that stuff.' If they meet someone famous like that, then maybe that will help them out."


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