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Unreleased Ozzy Osbourne Concert Opening Movie Spoofs Posted (7/6/2006)

I just stumbled upon these unreleased movie spoofs that a user by the name of cgraff posted over on youtube. These are awesome. I've posted the owners original comments along with them. Enjoy!

1. Ozzy takes on Geroge C. Scott's role as Patton. This was to be the OZZFest opener but they changed thier mind so now you all get to see this for the first time. Notice Ozzy's hands.

2. Ozzy Osbourne as Martin Bashir on the Michael Jackson interviews. Part one. This is really warped. When we were shooting this me and the crew were almost having fits because Ozzy was so fucking funny.

3. Ozzy Osbourne as Martin Bashir on the Michael Jackson interviews. Part two.

4. This is Ozzy Osbourne as Big Buck in the 50 Cent video "Birfday" or something like that. This was done for the OZZFest tour 2003 but they decided at the last minute not to use this vignette. SO here it is first time anywhere. Enjoy

5. This is Ozzy as the Shrink on the Sopranos, this is really warped. Definetly not for kids.

6. Ozzy sings acapella on American Idol and says what we all would love to say to Simon.

7. This is Ozzy as Gandalf in the Lord of the Ring: Fellowship of the Ring. This scene is in the mines of Moria where Gandalf battles the Balrog. There is a little twist at the end which is pretty funny because I worked on both The Lord of the Rings:ROTK and the Matrix sequels.

Source: Ozzyhead

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