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Ozzy Osbourne 10 Days Away From Finishing New Album (11/1/2006)

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Yesterday, we arrived in Los Angeles from Las Vegas. From the airport it was a quick drive well, you can never really have a quick drive in L.A. with all the traffic to the hotel. We checked in, changed our clothes, choked down a salad and then hit the road for our interview with Sharon Osbourne at Ozzy and Sharon's home. Sharon has a new autobiography ("Extreme") and we wanted to ask her about her new book. In reading the book, one of the things you might discover is that her childhood was anything but normal (really an understatement.)

For those of you who watched MTV reality series, "The Osbournes," Lola the bulldog is fine. She was very friendly, but a bit jealous. When we petted other Osbourne dogs (I think there were about eight dogs), Lola positioned herself between us and the other dogs until we were simply just petting her. It is hard not to love Lola she is very sweet. Minnie is also fine she is in England now. Sharon has a TV show in England, so Minnie has been there with her the past several months. Sharon has made a quick trip to the USA to promote her book and do other things and did not want to subject Minnie to the rigors of flying across the ocean and the country, so we did not see Minnie.

Ozzy came in to say hello, but then went to his studio which is adjacent to the house. Ozzy is busy working on a new CD he told me that he hopes to be finished with it in 10 days or so. Apparently he has been working nonstop on it and is anxious to finish it.

In Addition, Market Wire is reporting that the Osbournes were scheduled to attend Darren Bousman's (Director of films "Saw II" and "Saw III") Halloween party in Hollywood Hills last night. No word yet if Ozzy showed up or not.

Stars of the film and other celebrity guests were due in costume. The red carpet event was an exclusive gathering of celebrities, filmmakers, influential press and powerful industry players. Co-hosting the event was star of "Saw III," Shawnee Smith. The horror-themed fete was considered the most sought-after Halloween invitation this year.

Source: foxnews / market wire

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