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A Journey To The Birthplace Of Black Sabbath (10/23/2006)

A loyal visitor of recently sent in some pictures and highlights of his excursion to Birmingham, England (birthplace of Black sabbath). Check it out:

Hi ya, Im Canadian, 34 years old, first album I ever bought was MOR from the good boys from SAB and I now recently reside in England (dual citizenship...) so whats an Ozzy fan to do over here besides bleed and work? GO TO OZZY'S place! So attached is my photos of my little excursion to Birmingham.

Included are photos of 14 Lodge Road where Ozzy grew up. The place is muchly populated by an east indian asian community now. I got cool shots of the upstairs room n the Crown Hotel where Sabbath played in the early years. The place is condemned so we were not allowed in at first. We met the owner, and he had heard that we were all the way from across the sea... when we were outside deciding how to get to the train station he sent someone to come get us, and then took us upstairs. He told us that the room was the first place Sabbath got good gigs...great guy...get a look folks...the place is being was cool to see the ozzy poster still on the wall...

On a side note for drinks if you ever visit...I would reccomend "Scruffy Murphy's" downtown in Birmingham for death metal upstairs and heavy metal downstairs( uhhhmmmm downstairs for over 20 I would say....)...great staff...go rock out! I topped it all off by getting the Sab Vol.4 album cover on my arm tattooed for the reminder...

Best Regards,

Ozzy's Childhood Home: (Click pictures to enlarge)

Hard Rock Cafe:

The Crown:


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