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Rudy Sarzo's "Off The Rails" Book Finally Available (10/23/2006)

Looks like Rudy Sarzo's book is finally available, but is it truly the same book that Sarzo originally penned? This book was due out last year, but at the last minute was pulled due to legal implications from the Osbourne's.

According to a posting by Sarzo on a messageboard, the manuscript has not changed. "The Osbourne's disapproval of the book has not influenced me to make a single change from the original manuscript" said Sarzo. But the title and the book cover have clearly changed. The original title was "Off The Rails, My Adventures In The Land Of Ozz", and featured a picture of Sarzo holding a bass guitar. (See original cover here.) Now the book is simply called "Off The Rails", and features a live shot of Sarzo with an Ozzy Osbourne shirt on.

Sarzo says that he will be posting photos shortly which didn't make the book on his website:

Read all about the book on this posting I made in early 2005 here.

I am very much looking forward to reading this book. I will do a review once I get a copy!

Buy yours here:


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